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Apr 12, 2022

Lemuria 0

Lemuria existed on earth 280 million years ago. It is a lie that the people of Lemuria perished because of greed and ill-will. Lemuria has ascended, changed from the physical to the ethereal plane. No one died in the ascension. We, all humans, have the Lemurian DNA within us. That is why our desire for peace, bliss is so deeply rooted in us.

In Lemuria there are no four seasons, but always shining sun. There are three suns (red, blue and black). They never set. There is no sunset and sunrise. There is no time and therefore there is neither day nor night.

The black sun is called "Ashnyka", symbolizing visibility and invisibility.

The blue sun is called "Svatika", which stands for healing in communication, for the experience that the body is wonderful. It also stands for bliss, friendship, inner and outer harmony, the power of togetherness. For the power of really being in this communication with the animals, with the Lemurian beings, with everything that lives.

The red sun has the name "Runyka", it stands for the connection, in this liveliness and this power.

Bad weather does not exist. Plants are always in bloom. There are always fruits and vegetables. There is always abundance. Everything is there. The plants don't lose their leaves, they keep them. It is so exhausting for the plants to lose leaves all the time. In Lemuria, there are huge redwood trees. It is advisable to plant the redwood trees because they reflect strength, vitality, and infinite abundance. Thus, our planet is strengthened.

Roses grow up to 10 meters tall there. If we constantly cut the trees and flowers, then we give the plants the message 'You are not perfect'. For us, the roads are more important than the plants. This is not the divine order.

Typical Lemuria fruits are mangoes, papayas and avocados. Lemuria Früchte sind Mangos, Papayas und Avocados.

People in Lemuria have blue skin and they are immortal. No one experiences war, death, scarcity, fear, disease, suffering or envy. There are no parasites, energy suckers, bacteria or viruses. Fences or exclusions do not exist, no one interferes, all are always welcome. Everything is in harmony. Just be in peace. Animals are not tortured, killed or eaten. Religions do not exist anymore. There are no offices like health offices, tax offices, youth offices, registry offices, prisons, hospitals, centers of the elderly or children's homes. But only pure consciousness.

Lemurians can teleport. They also use flying dog cabs and large turtles for transportation. The elephants in Lemuria are 7 to 8 meters tall. Elephants are from Lemuria.

Lemuria is at the Bermuda Triangle. The planes and ships that pass through the Bermuda Triangle arrive either in Lemuria or in the Earth's inner core. Places of the Lemuria of that time are also the Pacific Ocean, Madagascar and Hawaii.

The age of Atlantis was after Lemuria. They also ascended into the non-dense world.

In Lemuria there is no money. There is only abundance there!

If we humans take care of each other, then there is no lack, then there is only this consciousness.

In Lemuria there are healing centers where sounds like singing, drumming and mantras are used for healing. It is recommended to create your own sound in the morning and in the evening, this supports the healing and strengthening of your own system.

Lemuria 0 is just about to manifest on our earth. We are in for a very beautiful time.

It is so important that we make room for bliss, peace, perfect abundance and health. We need to manifest Lemuria 0 on earth out of ourselves. Let us together welcome Lemuria 0 on Earth and look forward to this brilliant future.

Many greetings


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