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Divine protection: Permament Blueprint with Oronos® according to Natara®

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The blueprint is divine force field, is purest divine vibration and the place where we all (humans, animals, plants, the earth itself, all planets, the whole universe) come from. It is the energy of the quantum field, is pure, intelligent love vibration.

With the blueprint we are reconnected with the divine image of our soul, so that divine order can be restored in our lives. Over time you receive all our divine power back.

The blueprint is the greatest divine protection:

It regulates chemical substances. For example, it is possible for drugs to have an enhanced effect when they are good for the body, but others that are harmful to the body will have less of an effect on the body.
Eating habits can change: e.g. no more desire for meat, the taste changes, because some foods contain substances that are not good for the body.
The weight of the ancestors and the family are lifted.
No more struggling.
Protection from electrosmog.
Protection from nuclear radiation.
Protection against manipulations that are not visible to us (chips, cell phones, TV broadcasts)

Old behavior patterns are dissolved as we become aware of the background of our behavior step by step and can then go new ways. The built-up life pressure is reduced.
The blueprint brings hidden things to light: old beliefs are released, tightness in the body is dissolved, softened, sometimes with a cough and with a lot of phlegm - without being sick..... The past is dissolved, redeemed, masks fall and everything becomes visible.
Often there is tension at first, the situation comes into motion and is resolved by our change.
Arrogance, envy, judgment disappear.
It is a transformation for all our cells
The blueprint throws many things into disarray, and brings divine order into one's life.
The blueprint is transformation.

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I have lived in different countries as in South Africa, South Korea, the USA and now in Germany. I love yoga, walks, reading and anything that has to do with healing a building a positive world. I am spiritual very sensitive and I have a strong calling to support this world to heal and to enter the golden age. It is my mission to support anyone who choses to work with me on their healing journey.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2022

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