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How do we know that our thought are not being manipulated?
Feb 2, 2022

Are our thoughts really free? So many manipulations have been put over us. In reality, we are divine beings without thoughts and negative feelings. Our mind often tends to occupy us with useless, misleading, negative thoughts. How often are we stuck in the past because our mind tells us a deceitful story. How much misery do we endure because of all our negative thoughts?

Now is the time to break free from all those negativity. And be truly free. Through the Blueprint, an energetic protective cover is placed over you and it becomes calmer in your mind. You are protected from low vibrating foreign influences. And you can finally start to live your own life, because a part of your own Soul Book is opened up.

The blueprint is also an accelerator in one's own life. Everything that is in one's own Akashic Chronicle happens much faster! Through the blueprint one is protected from cellphone radiation, atomic rays, WLAN and mind-control. Through the blueprint divine order comes into one's own life! A cleansing happens in one's life. Everything that no longer serves one may now go. So space is made for the new.

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