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Manifesting 101

Apr 4, 2022

Energy follows attention. Through thoughts, words, and actions we create our own reality, therefore we need to be careful with our words.

When you talk about problems, use the following word: STILL

I **still have big worries
I still feel depressed
I still have money worries
still **have relationship problems
By using the word still you take away the power of the problem and thereby manifest that it is only temporary and that it will change soon.

Another tip is not to talk about your problems all the time, but to talk about the positive things in your life. The more you talk about the things/experiences/people/relationships/encounters that you are grateful for, the more you will attract those positive experiences into your life! By gratitude you manifest an amazing life for yourself.

I also like to use the phrase: I TRUST THAT.....

I trust that I will make it.
I trust that the best will happen.
I trust that I will manifest an abundance of money.
Trust makes you calm and brings inner peace into your own life. The constant pondering and controlling will lessen over time. This way the energy can flow better and your own life can be healed.

Another great word to use is: CURRENTLY

**Currently **I am not doing so well
Currently I am very stressed
Currently I have big money problems
Here, too, the word
manifests that the situation will not always be there, but is only temporary.

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