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Some messenger substances distract us in life, they make us remember certain things again and again, e.g. situations from childhood where one had the scent of a fabric softener and felt it with fresh, soft laundry. Then a neurotransmitter is released when this scent is smelled again in other situations and at other times, because that is how we were programmed in our childhood. With that, you can also reactivate and program many things. And there are also negative experiences and things where the messenger substances are released again. For example, if you were abandoned and you hear a certain music again that had connected you, then emotions of sadness, of pain, of hatred, of anger can be released that were related to the situation from before. These low vibrational emotions have often been programmed throughout our lives to keep us low, to distract us. However, we came to earth as pure beings, without this programming. Most messengers have already been programmed in childhood.

For example if we were once in love and got dumped, and then you think back decades on how beautiful that was. But in reality it is again just a distraction or a blinding. This activation supports the independence of the messenger substances. Messenger substances are childhood memories, war, birth experiences and other negative memories. That you can live your life from his freedom, liveliness, truthfulness. You will be free from this messenger energy. Through this code the brain is supported in producing only new messenger substances, which are important for the hormones. This code makes you very calm in your brain. It brings back so much vastness and dignity into your life.

I look forward to working with you and see you blossom!

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I have lived in different countries as in South Africa, South Korea, the USA and now in Germany. I love yoga, walks, reading and anything that has to do with healing a building a positive world. I am spiritual very sensitive and I have a strong calling to support this world to heal and to enter the golden age. It is my mission to support anyone who choses to work with me on their healing journey.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2022

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