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What you resist persists!
Oct 26, 2023

Often, we focus on all the difficulties, such as physical symptoms, emotional turmoil, and challenging situations. But by constantly complaining and focusing on these difficulties, we give it more energy, and the situations persist.

As we surrender and accept life, more energy can flow. This allows for healing to happen.

Surrendering is something I still get to practice on a regular basis. But the more I am able to surrender, the better my life gets.

Here are some affirmations that help me to surrender:
I accept my healing path
I sincerely accept and love myself
I surrender to the universe
I trust the universe is supporting and loving me
I trust that the best solutions will be presented to me
I trust that I will be given the information that I need
I trust that everything that I need will be presented to me

Let me know in the comments what helps you surrender!

I send you lots of love and support on your healing journey! It can be very challenging at times, but know you are not alone.

The universe is supporting you!

Blessings Ruth

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