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Spiritual Counseling

healing session
$111 USD

As a gifted guide who has lived beyond her years, Irene has deep insight into life, its meaning, its lessons, and how to find grace in troubled times because of having overcome great adversity with her gift of powerful empathy. She channels Truth from higher realms while being warm, caring, honest and intelligent. Often times One just needs an ear and some solid advice. Irene knows what questions to ask and how to counsel One to their own truth. Her caring ear and gifted Presence is invaluable and life changing for those who seek to heal. She has the ability to help pinpoint the core of reoccurring issues to assist the client in revealing their hidden and unmet needs for further evolution.

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Hello Elena,
It is a pleasure to hear from you, thank you for reaching out. To answer your question, I can almost guarantee as long as you are willing to do the work it takes that you will see results within the first session. Depending on how deep the work needs to go would determine how many sessions you would need to completely come out of it but none of my clients usually need to see me for more than 6-8 sessions and if so it is just to return if other issues were to arise. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this but I do know from all of my experience that these things usually occur as a catalyst for our growth and once you move through it you will be grateful for what gifts it brought you along the way of healing it. I would be happy to give you a complementary diagnosing session where we decide which modalities would suit you best to meet your needs. Feel free to call or text my office at (707)774-3731. I hope to hear from you!
All the Best,

Mar 24, 2021

Hello. Lately, I often feel depressed, angry, as if I’m not in my body. Like I’m not me. Everything is disgusting and feels unfamiliar. will this course help me? after how many sessions will the result start to look through?

$111 USD
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