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Group Mentoring Program

$185 USD

Living your Soul’s Purpose Supportive Group program

Focuses on living your soul’s purpose and opening up your throat chakra. Meeting once a week in Zoom on a group call for 52 weeks and the clients receive one healing a week regarding letting go of fear and the old stories in their mind to open up to their true heart and soul’s calling.

Group Mentoring for 1 year (52 weeks)

Birthed from feeling disillusioned with large group programs and not getting the support and attention I needed. You are receiving soul to soul connections in a safe, spiritual, nurturing collaborative, supportive group setting that will help you grow and heal into living your abundance, unlimited love, speaking your truth and deep appreciation and love of you.

One year because deep transformational growth arises from trust, belief, confidence and repetition over time. Our manifestations emerge in a safe, centered environment fostering intuitive guidance, deep commitment, time, and patience. Supporting you through the fear, anxiety, change, and excitement is my pleasure and my strength!

Group Mentoring to Live your Soul’s Purpose for 1 year or 52 weeks for only 10 people!

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Gila is a Divine Feminine healer, Writing Empowerment coach, poet, and spiritual heart guide. She guides you to intuitively access sacred energy and words to live a limitless life of unconditional love. Her mentoring focuses on releasing the old and writing your new story, trusting your internal GPS, body, and heart. Her guidance helps you to be aware of your divine body and heal traumatic wounds.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since February 2021

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Gila Nehemia
Aug 6, 2022

Yes I have helped many women have healthy relationships with partners through this program.

Gila Nehemia
Sep 12, 2021

Yes I do believe this course will help you. I too was in a domestic violence situation for 18.5 years with my ex-husband. I know how unhealthy, abusive relationships eat away at your self-worth and power. This is why my mission is to help women who were in abusive relationships to connect to their hearts and their true purpose. I have had fantastic results with my clients. <3 Feel free to ask more questions. I would love to answer them!

Gila Nehemia
Sep 12, 2021

Yes it is all about self-love, empowerment, and sovereignty.

Gila Nehemia
Jun 1, 2021

Hi Nasa, I totally understand. I had a very unhealthy relationship with my ex-husband of over 18 years. All of my clients have had unhealthy relationships and this is the work we do together to heal you so you are healthy inside and trust yourself so you invite in healthy relationships and peace. One of my group clients left after a year. She had sexual abuse with anxiety, fear and procrastination. Now she is a budding entrepreneur with so much more confidence, love, and intuitive wisdom.

I take my work very seriously and this is a monthly fee. If you do not want to continue for the next month you can stop at any time, just give me one month's notice. Please email me directly at if you have more questions.

Gila Nehemia
Jun 1, 2021

Yes! My clients have experienced chronic trauma such as domestic violence, sexual and child abuse, and bullying. I also specialize in PTSD as it relates to grief. I have taken many courses in how to release trauma, have certificates in Quantum Healing and Sacred Circle Facilitation in the Divine Feminine way. You can email me directly at

Emma Stone
May 21, 2021

Can this programme deal with the complexes that are getting in the way of my life?

Mar 24, 2021

I had a very unhealthy relationship with my ex-boyfriend, which instilled so many fears into me. I really want to help myself, but I’m afraid I’ll just spend the money. Do you think this course will help me? Thanks in advance!

$185 USD
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