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Imagine Being Someone With Spiritual Gifts

Jun 7, 2021
The High Witch
Core Spirit member since May 9, 2021
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Once someone told me “the supernatural freaks me out" to which I replied “imagine being someone with spiritual gifts". It takes constant and consistent dedication to keeping focused on what is for me and not giving any attention to what isn’t. It takes an immense amount of self love and care to be the person I am today. Where I once was, almost killed me. And that isn’t a metaphor. 3 years ago I voluntarily checked myself into a mental hospital after attempting to kill myself.

The world we live in is a complex one, yet at the same time a wonderfully beautiful one. What if I told you the seriousness of the saying “what you think you become" is probably the most important piece of advice we’ve been given as humans. Everything starts in the mind. Every action. Every feeling. Every emotion. Everything. It all started with a millisecond of a thought. You don’t have to have a PhD to understand the way humans work. I didn’t even finish high school and I can understand a vast majority of why someone acts a certain way.

Having spiritual gifts is just as precious as the gift of life itself. Some people have 1 or 2 gifts like being a psychic or channeling spirits. I just so happen to have multiple. Imagine being someone with spiritual gifts. Imagine what it is like waking up each day or what it is like going to sleep every night. Imagine what someone with these gifts has to do to get through a couple hours of being at a social party or a family gathering.

I can tell you before taking my gifts seriously, or even before I learned what my gifts are I struggled every day. I struggled with anxiety and depression. I struggled with hating myself. I struggled with feeling accepted. I struggled with pain on several levels. I struggled with all the things a huge amount of humans struggle with and yet I got myself on the other side of all of that struggle.

It all started with a thought. My pain. My fears. My anxieties. My limitations.

My healing started with a thought as well. That thought grew into a feeling. That feeling multiplied into a desire. The desire fed my aspirations and now I am thriving. Free to do anything I put my mind to.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I am one.

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