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Katrina-Louise @ SanVelop Wellness

Empowering Women Through Holistic Wellness
Connecting your Mind, Body & Soul as one.

A space for deep connection with one's self through Holistic Health, BodyWork & Spiritual Healing & Mentoring.

~ Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing & Training
~ Personal Spiritual Mentoring
~ Spiritual Healing Practitioner Mentoring

On Core Spirit since September 6

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Kat Crow
New York, NY, USA
Spiritual Coaching
Human Design
Tarot Reading
Career Counselling
Rune Reading

Kat Crow is an acclaimed spiritual practitioner with a BA from Scripps College and a Masters from UC Santa Cruz. Kat's proficiency in Tarot, oracle decks, Norse Runes, and Human Design readings enables her to guide people through difficult periods of life, particularly during spiritual awakening. Her Human Design readings focus on deconditioning, energy, and chart interpretation.

Isaac Oluwaniyi
Spiritual Healing

Isaac Adedolapo Oluwaniyi is currently an Undergrade at Crawford University in Nigeria.

I was once a sickle cell patient but i had faith in God, and he changed my genotype to AA. I am here to encourage you still belive i God because he still does the impossible. I write articles that spreads the goodnwes of the gospel on the digital space because i undersand that Christ is the real flex.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Emotional Stress Release
Loving Kindness Meditation
Spiritual Coaching

Tash is an enthusiastic writer who has a deep connection with the world around her. She is an English teacher and loves her job. She loves engaging with people of all backgrounds. Having dealt with trauma herself, she's had experience with helping others cope with their trauma and anxiety.

Rita Hojnik
Tawonga VIC 3697, Australia
Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Stress Release
Spiritual Healing
Personal Development Coaching
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

As a trained counsellor ,I am passionate about listening to you, encouraging you through the process of unfolding and de-briefing. I want to help you to rediscover your innate wisdom, and reconnect to your uniquely beautiful self, you. I aim to support and guide you through change from anxiety, trauma and overwhelm, to healing, and returning to a sense of calm within.

Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.