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Pansexuality, Bisexuality-The difference in Sexual Development and Feeling.

Nov 6, 2023
Luna Phoenix Camille
Core Spirit member since Oct 25, 2023
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For me pansexuality is still admiring and being attracted to both men and women, but rather than just sexual attraction it's looking for the soul and heart also. Searching for a connection to both and a connection to another's intellectual and personality to see where lies a compatible friend or lover and for the better to reach for longer partnerships finding a companion that can be both a friend and a lover. In my discovery as I grew up the very first memory that I remember was making the two barbie dolls kiss and have sex. My mum walked in and asked what was I doing? I replied in the best young person fashion 'I don't know'. Seriously parents! when you ask a question like that to a six year old, without meaning too, you more than likely scared them half to death, because on a subconscious level our souls journey is very a ware of what we are doing but our physical self, our ego in it's development phase is seeking preservation and mix this with biology, and at the age of figuring out our bodies we will deny that curiosity and for good reason preservation. Now when I say preservation this is my theory and understanding and applying psychology to this curious exploration of ourselves to me it makes sense.

I have been reading about sexuality in Egyptian times, I discovered that they are a community of sexual explorers the Italians and the Japanese. I have also been researching about the first LGBTQ+ icons Oscar Wilde for one important one to mention you will find more articles about this subject on CBBC articles I urge you to go investigate. The reason I am mentioning this topic is because it is relevant to what I am speaking about, sexuality and the self investigation of who you are, who any of us are has been around for hundreds of years perhaps thousands. Think of what Wonder Woman said in the first movie Gal Gadot, she stated there is another way to receive pleasure without a man, she was an Amazonian Warrior that lived only with other women dating right back to 2,000 years ago. Now what was referenced in the movie about sexuality, I do not know for fact if the women in these tribes would have perhaps been LGBTQ so don't quote me on this , but I will continue to research to see if there are any records. But we all have our urges and curiosities, we also get lonely and sex although not love but rather pheromones and body chemicals a reaction we go through that makes us excited. So if there are no men about wouldn't not make sense that these Amazonian tribes were same sex lovers? but also if these tribes were to last thousands of years then what I am saying is perhaps only a percentage of truth, procreation would have been very possible but what's the percentage of same sex partners in men and women and what is the percentage of heterosexual partners?

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