Writing And Speaking In Tongues
Sep 7, 2023

I am beginning to see that phrase crop up in writing. Writing in tongues. Some here suddenly developed psychological problems, A man who understands English well more than those it’s their mother tongue started believing that there is another language with hidden meaning in what is in pure simple English before him.

For sure, certain kinds of writings have multiple meanings but they are not hidden. They are there in front of the educated as their separate kinds of writing. Ever heard of poetry?
But when one expresses himself in common English by narrating stories that took place in named places or telling what and why of such stories, for sure, there is no speaking, writing in tongues involved here. But the guilty in the history of the human race have always been afraid of their shadows. They believe they have something to hide and don’t want anyone lurking around, their shadow or not.
No one ever falls into trance reading any work of any genre including poetry. We know that to write or speak in tongues warrants the speaker falling into a trance and those doing the hearing or reading remaining normal and without breaking any sweat, understand whatever is written or being presented.

So, I asked: Do modern governments believe in employing professionals, and professors to decode what doesn't need decoding? Why push oneself into paranoia and coma trying to find fault where none exists? Even in poetry, some abracadabra in the lines there makes multiple senses not multiple confusion, multiple paranoia, or pushing people into multiple comas. Why are people paying millions to those they believe to be sound, more gifted than they to decode what is plain?

I suspect that the act of the suspicion lies in the people who are exhibiting those signs of paranoia. A little personal tale here: In prison, they sent me to confinement in 2017 November and then packed my works about five long notes to the military to decode and see if there was anything that was a security risk in it.
It took those people a few days to hand them back my work and tell them they had paranoia in them. Is it not funny? In Nigeria, those affiliated to some foreign cult had been playing that trumpet in self-defense ever since my writing started. I have written openly twice the to UN and told them that I was searching for Western nations’ spy organizations to send my report of what happened inside that prison. If my captors were worrying about their jobs, what are you worrying about here?- my telling the world what happened to me or what you are investigating today?

Is it not madness that some here who have benefited their evil plot from what I have written still believe that I am writing in tongues?
Those who speak in tongues do So in one abracadabra language understood by thousands each in their languages without breaking a sweat or paying professors to decode. Tongues are usually in an unknown language by those speaking them while those around understand it in their languages. Well, I write in a known language English, I suspect that is a reason (not illiteracy or ignorance) why many suspect there must be hidden meanings to those words they know. Even the Igbo language is on the Net.

If you consider words with multiple meanings to be written in tongues try Poetry. Many believe in killing many birds with a stroke in that arena. I have been trying it but found it a little but of greater importance to me than other forms of writing and as amateurs as I am, I still understand what the whole gist is all about. I never hired any professionals to do the interpreting for me. Why you then?
I never heard of any spiritual being engaging in paranoia causing language or source of any confusion. Those with clear thoughts and actions fear either the writing of any genre or not.

Speak and write as you read, talk and live always. There will always be those on top of the list.

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