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Healing Childhood Trauma
Feb 25, 2024

By Brian Eastman
Master LIIFT UnTherapist

Note: this article is adapted from a commentary the author penned on Quora.

Here’s the most important point: you needn’t engage in years of psychotherapy to heal the damage you experienced in your childhood. You now have access to newer forms of healing which I call Alt-Med healing because the processes step outside the framework used by licensed psychotherapists.

In this article I will detail a concept and process used by LIIFT UnTherapists as the beginning point to heal childhood trauma. And at the end of the article I will provide names of several modalities in addition to LIIFT UnTherapy which can help you turn this data into relatively quick healing for your life.

LIIFT UnTherapy usually begins healing a client's childhood trauma by healing what we UnTherapists call the Troubled Child 5, because we start by addressing a set of 5 toxic Belief Statements which we are likely to find in each damaged child’s Internal Operating Software.

Not every traumatized child has all 5 toxic beliefs. But we do find that every child who has experienced childhood trauma has at least 3 of the five toxic Belief Statements in their Internal Operating Software. These toxic statements are below. If you have experienced abuse as a child you probably recognize some of these beliefs in yourself.
1. I expect the worst to happen.
2. The Universe is a dangerous and unfriendly place.
3. They want me dead (or) I want to die (or both.)
4. It’s all my fault.
5. I am alone, unloved and unwanted.

So a good start in your healing process will be to replace these 5 harmful Belief Statements with their positive alternatives:
1. I expect the best to happen in my life now, and it does.
2. The The Universe is a safe and friendly place.
3. My job is to live, love, be loved, to prosper, be happy and enjoy life, and I am doing my job well every day.
4. I am responsible only for achieving good results in my own life, and I understand that everyone else is responsible for their own lives.
5. I am surrounded by people who love me, who care about me and who enjoy my company.

You can use any of these modalities to remove the toxic and install the positive: LIIFT UnTherapy, EFT, hypnotherapy, Psych-K, and possibly NMT. You can access each of these modalities either in person or via telehealth. If you are reading this because you are concerned about a troubled child, LIIFT UnTherapy is an especially good choice because it has a special Healing-At-A-Distance program for children which enables them to be healed while they are at play.

In LIIFT UnTherapy, once you have accomplished these changes you can expect to heal the unresolved emotional damage and to begin adding now positive Belief Statements to your Internal Operating Software such as, “I am lovable just the way I am,” and “I am deserving and worthy to receive all the positive nurturing love I have ever needed and wanted.” I choose to use LIIFT UnTherapy in part because of its speed: a session usually accomplishes between 6 and 15 discrete healings of the type I have described. The other modalities I mentioned are effective too or I would not have mentioned them in this article.

To sum up, the more you eliminate the toxic Belief Statements in your software and install positive statements, the more upward and positive will be your life experience. One of my now-graduated clients told me, “I still know what my father did to me, but now it’s dim and greyed-out in the background of my life; it doesn’t affect who I am or where I am going now.” I suggest you keep that goal in mind as you work to heal the damage from your childhood, whichever modality you choose to use.

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