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In this service, I am offering a full Mayan Tree of Life reading , along with powerful coaching focused on one or two problems areas in your life at the moment. You will see how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and your inner conflicts into powerful alliances! This is based on the 2500 years old Tzolk’in calendar, a treasure of the Maya, a system of personal guidance.

20 pages PDF file with authentic insights.

6 months of follow up with emails, notifying, and guiding you about your Powerful days for spiritual growth, relationships, business, and more.


Fatih Keçelioğlu was born and raised in Turkey, and he graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a BA in Sociology. Born on February 7, 1978, and being an 8 Seed, one of the passions of Fatih is to connect different knowledge, traditions, and people from different geographies of the world.

Fatih always had a keen interest in traveling and discovering new cultures and their teachings and philosophies. On one of his travels, he found something that changed his life forever – something that opened his eyes and allowed him to see beyond this physical world. Fatih discovered the teachings and wisdom of Ancient Mayans and their calendar.

Since then, Fatih has been researching, understanding, and feeling the Mayan astrology and providing spiritual guidance to whoever was seeking it. In 2012, after guiding more than 500 individuals using the original Tzolkin with, Fatih launched the MyMayanSign website.

Through his work and website, Fatih wants to spread the word about Mayan wisdom and spiritual teachings even further. Fatih’s astrological readings carry a tone of trans-personal psychology and Advaita Vedanta. Through them, he aims to provide people with spiritual guidance through the most realistic, reliable, and authentic experiences possible.

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Walking on the path of Yoga and Spirituality for 2 decades now. I am practicing Tantric sexuality for 15 years.

My work consists of helping men lasting longer in bed while opening up to the possibilities of love and spiritual growth, understanding, and working with their energy systems.

12 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021

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John Persey
Apr 21, 2021

Will this session help me find out my talent? if I have one…

Fatih Keçelioğlu
Apr 19, 2021

Hi Sherry,
The Mayan Astrology reading is just one session. It gives you insights about your inner world. For some, 1 session is enough, for some more sessions are needed. But then these are not Mayan readings, but coaching sessions based on the goals one wants to achieve.

Sherry Turnbull
Apr 19, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me, do I need several sessions to make progress, or is one enough?

Fatih Keçelioğlu
Apr 16, 2021

Hi Janine,
Thanks for your question. This service is both for men and women.
If you are referring to my Tantra coaching service, that is aimed towards men.

I would encourage you to find a female coach/teacher, as she would understand your needs and support you emotionally in a better way. But if you want to step outside of preconceptions you can get one session with me :)
It will be beneficial for sure.

Apr 16, 2021

hey! Is this practice only for men? Don’t you work with women problems in sex life?

$117 USD
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$117 USD