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Temporary Physical and Emotional Pain Relief


My service provides quick, temporary relief from both physical and emotional pain, offering an immediate solution for those in need.

Target audience

Individuals seeking fast and effective temporary relief from acute physical discomfort or emotional distress, including those who need an interim solution before addressing the root cause of their issues.


  • Instant Relief: Quickly alleviates both physical and emotional pain, providing immediate comfort.
  • Accessible and Easy: Simple to use, offering a convenient solution for pain management.
  • Complementary Service: Ideal for those seeking short-term relief while planning for a more permanent resolution through RPT sessions.
  • Affordability: Offers an affordable option for immediate pain relief, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Other comments

For a lasting solution to your physical and emotional pain, consider booking an RPT session. My RPT approach targets the root causes of your issues, providing quick and permanent relief, ensuring that one specific issue can be effectively resolved in just one session.

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Hello, my name is Antonella Ercolani I love helping people get better physically and emotionally. I’ve been an alternative health practitioner since 2008, focusing on the BodyTalk System and Rapid Personal Transformation for best results.
I work online and remotely only
Better your life!

The BodyTalk System is a revolutionary healthcare system of energy medicine that helps your body operate as nature intended.

For perfect health every cell of your body should be in constant communication with every other cell, but sometimes these lines of communication break down, due to stress, toxins, and other environmental and emotional issues

BodyTalk restores these lines of communication and when this happens your body has the amazing ability to heal itself very quickly

BodyTalk uses a subtle muscle-testing technique to ask a series of exhaustive health-related questions to your body to find out exactly what it requires to heal.

Once the links to be restored are found, a light tapping on the head is applied to ask the brain to repair the links, and a light tapping on the sternum to ask the heart to store them, and make a lasting change

BodyTalk uses the knowledge and insights of acupuncture, Western medicine, Oriental medicine, quantum physics, mathematics and applied kinesiology, making it a truly universal language capable of accurately address the root causes of the conditions troubling you

The history of your health problem is unique, and a standardized solution may just calm the symptoms or do nothing at all.

The extensive language of BodyTalk allows for truly personalized healthcare, that takes into account you, your life and your history.

Some of the conditions in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:


•Back Pain

•Sports Injuries

•Sports Performance

•Emotional Disorders

•Learning Disorders

•Digestive Disorders

•Endocrine Disorders

•Chronic Fatigue






And many others


RPT is therapy and personal development done right. It’s the only technique that can guarantee lasting, permanent results. What’s more, RPT can solve your problems and heal trauma:

Without having to talk about the problem
Without needing to relive painful or traumatic memories
Without requiring months or years of counselling
Without having to wait to see the results.
In short - RPT is a set of tools for quick, painless, permanent change.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

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