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Antonella Ercolani

Hello, my name is Antonella Ercolani I love helping people get better physically and emotionally. I’ve been an alternative health practitioner since 2008, focusing on the BodyTalk System and Rapid Personal Transformation for best results. I work online and remotely only Better your life!
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About Antonella Ercolani

Hello, my name is Antonella Ercolani I love helping people get better physically and emotionally. I’ve been an alternative health practitioner since 2008, focusing on the BodyTalk System and Rapid Personal Transformation for best results.
I work online and remotely only
Better your life!

16 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2020
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Antonella Ercolani
BodyTalk Distance/Remote Sessions for Your Health and Well Being

The BodyTalk System is a revolutionary healthcare system of energy medicine that helps your body operate as nature intended.
For perfect health every cell of your body should be in constant communication with every other cell, but sometimes these lines of communication break down, due to stress, toxins, and other environmental and emotional issues
BodyTalk restores these lines of communication and when this happens your body has the amazing ability to heal itself very quickly
BodyTalk uses a subtle muscle-testing technique to ask a series of exhaustive health-related questions to your body to find out exactly what it requires to heal.
Once the links to be restored are found, a light tapping on the head is applied to ask the brain to repair the links, and a light tapping on the sternum to ask the heart to store them, and make a lasting change

BodyTalk uses the knowledge and insights of acupuncture, Western medicine, Oriental medicine, quantum physics, mathematics and applied kinesiology, making it a truly universal language capable of accurately address the root causes of the conditions troubling you
The history of your health problem is unique, and a standardized solution may just calm the symptoms or do nothing at all.
The extensive language of BodyTalk allows for truly personalized healthcare, that takes into account you, your life and your history.

Can BodyTalk Help Me?

Some of the conditions in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:

•Back Pain
•Sports Injuries
•Sports Performance
•Emotional Disorders
•Learning Disorders
•Digestive Disorders
•Endocrine Disorders
•Chronic Fatigue
And many others

Antonella Ercolani
Reiki Distance Sessions

Reiki Distance Sessions

Antonella Ercolani
Healing, Permanently, at the Deepest Level

Hi, my name is Antonella Ercolani, BodyTalk, Parama BodyTalk and RPT Level 1 &2 Practitioner and if you’re like me, you’ve tried a lot of healing techniques and self-development strategies, and you found out that some issues kept recurring, no matter how hard or how long you work on them. Like me you’ve tried EFT, Psychotherapy, Reiki, Chakra clearing, Theta Healing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and so on.

Some of the things you tried cleared some of your issues and you got really excited about it so you tried to work on other things, but you found out that there were some issues that either did not clear at all or that kept coming back, days or weeks after working on them.

You don’t understand, you question yourself or the therapy, either your issue is hopeless, or the therapy is not as good as you thought it would be.

In all my years of therapy and training I have researched everywhere for something that works consistently, permanently, and regardless of placebo effect, and of the beliefs and unconscious self-sabotage one can have.

I have looked for the modalities that go to the roots of the problem, to the hidden iceberg under the symptoms, and the core issues often lie beyond the illness or the trauma that happened to us, and even beyond our childhood programming.

Why do some people clear the same issue we have effortlessly and some don’t?

Why did we go through an event or develop an illness in the first place?

I found two therapies that work consistently to answer these questions and to heal the issues one can have.

The bad news is that no therapy has 100% results all of the time, but a therapy that goes beyond the placebo effect, (if you believe that it’s medicine even a sugar pill works at least 30% of the time) should have at least from 70% to 95% rate of success!

Too many therapies fall short of that and work at 40% success rate, not much better than a sugar pill.

The good news is that both RPT and BodyTalk work on physical and emotional issues extremely well, but if we want to be more specific a scientific study has found that BodyTalk works at least 70% of the time on physical issues (in the case of this specific study pain disappeared or lessened in 71% of the patients versus 30% in the control group

and RPT, (Rapid Personal Transformation) works 95% of the time on emotional and psychological issues according to the sessions I have performed and the results that other practitioners have reported, and both are self-development tools at warp speed!

Antonella Ercolani
“I don’t have traumas to heal” or “I am afraid of my past traumas” OR Here’s why RPT is REALLY for everyone

RPT work focuses on healing traumas, true, and many people think either that they don’t have traumas to heal, or that it will be too painful to work with their traumas.

Let’s tackle these two concerns one by one.

“I don’t have traumas to heal” or “I have had traumas but I have dealt with them”

We focus on healing traumas in RPT, but that is the method, the goal is to recover natural resource states like happiness, love, joy, confidence, well being, clarity, silence and calmness, freedom to create in our life and many many more!! Who among us couldn’t use a lot more of these states? (I use the word states because when they are recovered they are not momentary highs like in other techniques, bu they are in our life to stay, permanently)

The word trauma evokes images of car accidents or abuse and violence or the death of a loved one. These make us feel powerless and with little control of our own life.

While these may be big T traumas, there are 2 other kinds of traumas (another word for traumas is experiences) : traumas we go through in everyday life, like small t traumas like for instance:

Conflicts with significant others or children



Conflict with supervisor/boss or colleagues

Abrupt or extended relocation/move

Planning a wedding

Starting a new job

Having or adopting a child

Legal trouble

Financial worries or difficulty

Expensive and unplanned home repairs

We tend to minimize the impact of these traumas on our life, our self worth, our health, both physical and psychological, but they stack up and they need to be dealt with to be balanced, happier, confident.

In addition they often are the “effect” of earlier traumas that happened in childhood or earlier, during gestation or in our ancestral line, and clearing the emotional impact of those earlier “cause” traumas (I use “” because it seems that there is a causative effect although it’s not proven) also clears the impact on our emotional, psychological and physical well-being of the traumas we want to consciously heal in the first place.

This brings me to the second kind of trauma that almost everyone experiences: childhood, gestational, birth and ancestral traumas. These are often unconscious and they need a technique RPT to be made conscious and healed, and when they are healed, our life changes profoundly. Everyone of the points in our gestation including birth holds the key to clearing 50+ even hundreds of beliefs that hold us back, that make us feel bad about ourselves and our life.

You can easily see why even though the word trauma can have connotations that at first glance don’t seem to apply to everyone, they actually happen to each and everyone of us, and the healing of these holds the key to your well-being and to the life of your dreams, unhampered by your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and repeating patterns that you experience every day and you can’t find the cause of.

“I am afraid of my past traumas” or “it will be too painful”

RPT is gentle, you don’t have to talk about your issues like in other therapies, and it’s fast. The emotion that you feel while doing RPT is a distant shadow of the emotion that you are afraid of feeling and often it’s not personal because it doesn’t belong to you but to an ancestor. This is really a case where the only thing to be afraid of is your fear.

As I said you won’t need to talk about your issue if you don’t want to, it’s not necessary at all, you will feel a 5% of the original emotion or less for a few minutes (as opposed to long hours of traditional therapy or other emotional therapies that make you feel the emotions full force and retraumatize you and that can also cause abreactions) the instinct and when you try to think back to the trauma the emotional charge won’t be there anymore and will never come back.

If you want to be happier, confident, recapture the serenity and joy you had in your childhood or that you never felt in your life but it’s buried inside of you under all these negative experiences try a session

Antonella Ercolani
Can BodyTalk Help Me?

When you come in contact with BodyTalk, this is surely the first question on your mind along with What is BodyTalk?

The answer to the first question is a resounding yes: BodyTalk can help a wide range of conditions, because it’s tailored to you.

To give you an idea, some problems in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:

Arthritis, Back Pain, Sports Injuries, Sports Performance, Exams Performance, Emotional Disorders, Learning Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Phobias, Pain, Stress, Allergies

Your body has an Innate Wisdom that regulates it automatically, for instance, when you cut yourself your body automatically sends platelets to begin the healing.

Sometimes the healing process can be slowed down or impaired because of stress, emotional, behavioural and environmental issues.

With BodyTalk we can ask your body, your Innate Wisdom exactly what it needs to return to a state of balance.

The questions that can be asked, and the corresponding techniques to correct imbalances are truly extensive and comprehensive.

Questions and techniques span from Western medicine to Eastern Medicine, from the organs to the five elements, from which emotions need to be processed and eliminated to techniques for balancing your meridians, from repairs of parts of the brain to techniques to correct posture, behaviours and habits, and much more…

In BodyTalk your body decides what it needs, in what order, and also if it needs any other therapies or modalities to help in its repairing process, without the need to rely on an external diagnosis.

All this makes it really revolutionary and unique like you.

The issue or diagnosis that 100 people have received from doctors may be the same, but the causative factors and the way in which the problems can be solved for good is unique to each and everyone of those 100 people.

Can BodyTalk help me?

Let’s take a herniated disc and the resulting low back pain for instance: The underlying physical issue is the same for everyone, but here’s an example of 5 different people to show the different way the problem came about:

  1. because of low self esteem and financial issues

  2. by lifting something heavy because this person wanted to do things by themselves

  3. an emotional shock that shook the foundations of this person’s life

  4. Ancestral trauma: a grandparent had a serious back accident when they were 30 years old and the trauma was never resolved and the grandchild gets the same issue at age 30 (although we don’t diagnose in BodyTalk I must say that ancestral trauma is a huge contributing or causative factor in most physical issues)

  5. There was a weakness in the Qi in the lower back and the energy of the Kidney was low

In BodyTalk we proceed to highlight the causative factors through a subtle muscle testing (which is used in distance sessions as well) and then we proceed to make the changes to the body-mind by a light tap with intention and energy (in person or at a distance) on the three brains: the head, the heart, and the belly. Put in simple terms, tapping on the head tells the brains to make the changes, tapping on the heart helps store the newly made changes, and tapping on the belly activates the gut brain and makes the changes permanent at a deep level.

What to expect during a session? The session itself is relaxing and most people just feel extreme relaxation during and after the session. More sensitive people may feel shifts happening in their body according to the parts being treated.

At the end of the session in BodyTalk we ask the Innate Wisdom of the body how long it will take to see the first results of the session, and how long it will take for the complete results of the session to occur and the timing of the following session. The body usually needs time to process all the changes that the session started.

Although time varies, on average it usually takes 1 to 4 days for the first results and 1 to 3 weeks for the complete results, for the session to be fully processed especially in chronic conditions.

Follow up sessions are usually after the previous session has completed the processing, and they may address the same issue if needed (BodyTalk is a therapy, and although 1 session “miracles” occur, it usually takes 3 to 5 sessions maximum to address the main complaints, issues can have layers) or it may address another issue, or it may be just for well-being if all the other issues are taken care of. Prevention is better of course, and in BodyTalk we encourage regular sessions to prevent future issues after the issues have been solved.

What are you waiting for: come and try the truly holistic consciousness and energy medicine of the BodyTalk System today!

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Antonella Ercolani
BodyTalk Distance/Remote Sessions for Your Health and Well Being
Antonella Ercolani
Reiki Distance Sessions

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New article “I don’t have traumas to heal” or “I am afraid of my past traumas” OR Here’s why RPT is REALLY for everyone already available! Read it now

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