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You are what you eat and what products you use

Nov 6, 2022
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What does this mean?

The vibration you eat becomes you. But it already lived inside you because that's what attracted you to eat it.

So perfect cooperative components attracted and mergem. Into ascending.

Because when there's no vibration in you that attracts a certain food, you'll reject it and you'll feel repulsed by it

While it still attracts you, it means there's processing to do, and realising

-the more I eat that, the less conscious I become

Is it a bad thing? Not
Because that unconsciousness was already in you, waiting to be triggered and met and embodied, to be transmuted

Your level of consciousness in the moment attracts the same level of consciousness

The more conscious you become, the less you attract and feel desire for certain low vibrational foods.

Like premade stuff. It can be anything from meat to vegan replacement for that, to cheese, to bottled milk.

The vibration you put on your body becomes you. Deodorants, creams, dush gels, shampoos.

The higher in consciousness you are, the more you attract more natural things. Closest thing to that being essential oils and natural oils in general

Other products that you use are cleaning products, in your home. Most cleaning products are really toxic -for your environment and for you. That substance, it is not natural. Better would be to use the most natural version if you can find or create them yourself. Lemon can be a great cleaning liquid. It disinfects and purifies. Oranges aswell. For a more sweet tendency to it. You can use oranges liquid mixed with water to purify your air. You can eat the fruit, soak the fragmented peeling in a jar of water and sprinkle it or spray it across things and around your room and appartment.

You can use lemon to create a perfect liquid to wash your body too. It eliminates hard and any smells and it kills any bacteria. Plus, it's high vibrational.

You can eat and use low vibration products and food all you want but it won't have no effect on your vibration anymore. You will be immune. Thus, feeling the need to use something that will at least match your vibration so you feel some kind of connection or that will even rise it. That desire would be the ultimate goal. Finding what suits that raises it.

Self love won't change, no matter what you use or eat. It's just awareness that will create the natural will to higher vibration things. Thus, loving yourself more for it. For noticing. For wanting to dare. For daring and for established unshakable growth.

There will always be things that will come that will adjust your vibration and your level of tolerance. No matter how high you ascend, because that high will become the normal for you. So there is always higher. A higher way of being. That attracts higher vibrational components. For it needs to meet the need for growth.

And Love will always be there.

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Afsheen Shah2y ago

What an important reminder to think carefully about what we put on our bodies. They truly have an effect on us.