Old chapati is generally useful for health.
Aug 9, 2023

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Indeed, flat bread is viewed as more advantageous than new bread in Ayurveda. Since… .

How much glucose in flat bread diminishes, and how much fiber increments. Alongside this, useful microbes for the body additionally increment, and energy likewise comes.
Technique for use:

Old bread ought to be eaten by breaking it into pieces, with hot milk, or by heating up its morsels in hot milk and making rabdi.

Valuable in numerous sicknesses:

Utilization of old roti milk decreases the gamble of cerebrum stroke.

The issue of obstruction is restored, in light of the fact that it contains fiber.

Valuable for patients with pulse.

Consistently providing for lean kids makes their body fit. This is a nutritious eating regimen.

Consuming old roti likewise gives help from gastric issues.
it is also usefull to improve your immunity system. if you are unable to eat you can grind the the chapati and than mix this on mixer grinder
and than you make this dish spicy or sweet as you like .
it is good and test and best for your helath.

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