Discomfort From Fructose Intolerance?
Nov 21, 2021

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Fructose is known also as, Levulose and is a naturally occurring monosaccharide; meaning it is a simple sugar; that is found primarily within Fruits, Vegetables, and Honey.

I am gonna go chemistry-like here, but only just for a little bit. So here it goes, Fructose, though having a 5-sided molecular ring-structure is still classified as a Hexose(6)-Sugar; because of the totaling of the 6-carbon-atoms within the sugar molecule itself.

Fructose which can also be called Fruit-Sugar is found in many plants where it is often bonded to the glucose molecule to form the Disaccharide - Sucrose.

The Pure, dry Fructose is sweet and is the most water-soluble of all the sugars; it is also the sweetest of all the naturally occurring Carbohydrates. Therefore, this is the primary reason that Fructose is used commercially in foods and beverages; besides being at a lower cost.

Furthermore, It is used so extensively by the food manufacturers that it is accounting for approximately 5% of the total energy-intake within the United States. While yes, the fruits and vegetables are all loaded with fructose, the majority of the fructose that is out there within our western-diets comes from the foods that are made with the ingredient high-fructose-corn-syrup.

It is the most widely used sweetener found within the soft-drinks, fruit-juice beverages, and a variety of other snack foods. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is produced enzymatically from corn. It is consisting of equal amounts of fructose and glucose.
This sweetener that is made from corn-starch, has been processed by glucose-isomerase; an enzyme that converts some of the glucose in the Disaccharide Sucrose into the sugar - fructose. Creating almost equal amounts of fructose and glucose.

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), HFCS consumption has increased by more than about 1000% between the years 1970 - 1990. With the annual consumption of fructose rising from less than a ton in the year 1966 to 8.8 million tons in the year 2003…

I'll say it for you "Wow"

Intolerance to carbohydrates is a common problem; these problems can lead to unexplained GI symptoms such as…

  1. Abdominal
  2. Bloating
  3. Gas
  4. Flatulence
  5. Pain
  6. Distension
  7. Nausea
  8. Diarrhea

Is It Possible?
That the rise in fructose consumption in the US population has also resulted in a rise in the fructose malabsorption and therefore intolerance?

Humans Have A Limited Absorption Capacity
For the monosaccharide, fructose. Since the fructose absorption is an energy independent process; the process itself can be rather variable. All the while glucose is going on to be completely absorbed.

The malabsorption of fructose is said to generate an osmotic-force which pulls water into the lumen; this is the hollow tubular intestinal canal. Leading to the rapid propulsion of the bowel contents into the colon, where the fermentation leads to the production of gas.

Unfortunately you can see this will head you right towards those above-mentioned symptoms, especially, for those patients with visceral hypersensitivity. Visceral hypersensitivity or visceral hyperalgesia is the term used to describe the experience of pain within the inner organs - the viscera.

Visceral pain is a highly complex entity, with variables in every individual experience. It can occur in patients with organic disease. Referring to the physical or the physiological change to some tissue or the organ itself within the body. Or potentially, in those without any identifiable structural or biochemical abnormality; such as functional gastrointestinal disorders.

People who have fructose intolerance should definitely, for their own comfort levels, limit the high-fructose containing foods; such as the processed fruit-juices, candy, and sweeter desserts​,

For Your Health - Wellness Educational Purposes
Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician

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