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You don't need food or sleep

Nov 6, 2022

You are a creature of vibration. Your are pure energy. What is that energy? Pure Prana. Pure life force. You decide to live in any way you desire. You feel the Prana recognising in your every cell resonating trough your whole being. You are

And so, knowing this, just see: you are not dependent on any external matter. The external matter (food) is just feeding the external matter (your body). Once you realise who you are and don't identify with the body anymore, you don't only realise you don't need all this external adds, but also that you can mold your body matter in concordance with external matter by your own will, desire and pleasure.

This meaning you can eat anything you want, at any time you want, how much you want and it won't affect anything vibrationally in you. Because it is not you, it is just you experiementing, and testing pleasures, desires.

I am being shown this now, but how I realised it was when I stopped eating everything for 3 days which extended beyond my will but because of my stomach's inability to receive food anymore -to one week. I had this realisation that you don't need food, that triugh your uncontrolable craving and overwhelming ones, the hunger, you only crave -PRANA. Same with water, you do not need it, I was thirsty, so thirsty after 3 days of not drinking but I read Jesus words: drink from the eternal Water and you will not thirst ever again. So I went to bed thirsty. I had a dream in which a light being poured water from a big cup into me and said "drink, dear".

I woke up not thirsty anymore.

After that week, it was hard mentally to start eating again, there was a fear I had to process. But once I started, I freaking ate all that was there and I was feeling craving for, I was eating big big cantities of food in little time and it did not affect me in any way. My sister was amazed by the fact that I was eating so much, more than her and at such a speed. It felt like the food was reaching my stomach but that was it. Matter meeting matter and blending in. But I was not being affected by it not even one bit.

Another way this was shown to me was I met someone in the mental facility I was in, he isolated without food for like 3 weeks in a mine during his work. He had the experience of stepping out of his body and someone acing this gold matter on him, which made him realise he is pure gold. At the hospital, he was eating and drinking lot and lot of coffee and coke and everyone, the doctors specially were telling him that it's not healthy and he's not allowed to anymore but he was laughing and telling me secretly "they don't know food and drinks do nothing to you". I knew what he was saying specially because of what I was going trough.

And so, there is this fear implemented by people now. If you drink coffee and you have anxiety it might get worse, etc. But when you realise you are not anxiety and you are not the blend between your body and coffee, that doesn't have to be the truth. You can drink as much coffee as you want, it won't do anything to you. So the answer is pushing trough that fear.

For me the answer for realisation is digging in into cravings. The more I surrender to them, the more they loose grip on me. The more I control my desire of what I want and choose to eat because I realise it is safe to even try unhealthy foods because hell, I'm not the blend between the body and the food!.
So you can eat anything you want. What feels best, healthy unhealthy, what you desire in the moment.

You are totally free!

How cool is that?!

Now, sleep.

Sleep is supposed to replenish your body, to give it the necessary rest so that it can function normally and work in a healthy way.

But..hear me out. If you are already always but always replenished by that Prana, what is sleep good for?

What's it's purpose? None. 0. No relevance.

Because it does not point to the truth of our nature
Which is pure Prana. Prana doesn't need rest, Prana doesn't need external replenish. It is replenish itself.

You are replenish itself. You don't need to engage in behaviours and habbits and human necessities to get it. Please, realise, you already have it.

You can of course choose to sleep if you want to and that's your desire even when you realise this.
Sleep can be nice sometimes. But the thing is -it's an active choice. It's you doing what you want not because you need to or you need it

You don't need anything. You are the need aswell as your the realisation of fullness within yourself.

You are the fullness. Fullness does not need.

Anything external. Ever. Anything from matter reality. You are not the matter. You are the life force driving that matter and manipulating it at your will by your desires which can be conscious desires.

Aligned to your highest good. And highest purpose.

You are the purpose. You are the highest good. So everything you choose, evergthing you do, everything you are is perfect, imperfect and it just is at the same time.

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Afsheen Shah1y ago

I love the reminder that you are not anxiety. It can be so easy to label ourselves in negative ways an then be unable to overcome them.