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Sylvia Roberts

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Sylvia Roberts

Sylvia comes from a career as a classically trained professional ballet dancer and began studying Pilates in 1994. During this time she worked extensively with the Royal New Zealand Ballet & Singapore’s premier dance company, Singapore Dance Theatre. Sylvia brings something special to her teaching: with knowledge, experience, and a unique level of body awareness honed from over twenty years of training and performing. Sylvia’s classes are innovative and fun whilst promoting alignment, balance and strength. Sylvia completed her government accredited Pilates teacher training with Pilates ITC (International Training Centre) in Sydney, Australia and she is now a Level 4 member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

Sylvia trains athletes and beginners alike: pro-footballers, dancers, mums, models… fact, her clients are drawn from all sectors of the community. She brings a positive spirit to every session and an enthusiasm for helping her clients reach their fitness goals.

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