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Spiritual connection with our ancestors

Jun 10, 2024
Milijana Marinovic
Core Spirit member since Oct 28, 2023
Reading time 8 min.

It is no coincidence that in ancient times, family and ancestors were placed first, as they provided support in any situation. Why was this so? In those days, people did not know what "distant relatives" were, as everyone was so close and always maintained a connection that the spiritual bond between them simply could not be broken, and the memory of ancestors did not lose its strength and energy.
But now everything is reversed... We do not give importance to the memory of our ancestors, we are not at all interested in the origin of our roots, we do not know where relatives who lived, for example, in another country, moved decades ago... Many have simply stopped respecting their ancestors, broken the connection with their descendants and families, and without it, there is no harmonious family, good health, or successful career.
Now, someone might say that a person is an immortal soul, and parents are just people who gave them a body, that children are souls that come into our family but have their own lives. There is a lot of truth in such claims. But, I am firmly convinced that if a person has broken relationships with their parents and lineage, then they cannot have a harmonious family, successful career, or robust health.
Our lives are governed by subconscious programs we acquired in childhood. The character of a child and their attitude towards the world are formed in the first two to three years of life. Energy in this world defines almost everything; even trees and stones fall under male or female energy. And a person is ALSO the result of the interaction of yin and yang, a combination of male and female principles, so it is extremely important for this combination to be harmonious.
If a woman does not respect her husband, says that he "ruined her life," takes on male roles, and focuses on her career, imbalance begins, first at the level of the mind, then at the level of the physical body. And if a man wants to be taken care of, does not want to take responsibility for his wife and children, his male principle shuts down.
To understand how things stand with you and your close ones, it's simple: look at how a person's personal life is shaping up. Does the man take care of his children and wife? Does the woman strive to fulfill herself in the family? Or is she only interested in career and money? And if you notice that you are often sick, it is quite possible that the issues lie with, so to speak, problems from ancestors or the family.
The mother is for us the personification of the female deity, the father of the male. The left side of the body is connected with female energy, the right with male. Many Eastern doctors in diagnostics pay attention to which side of the body the pain occurs on, thus determining the cause of the illness. Think: How did your ancestors treat men and women? Were there problems in the family that repeated from generation to generation? If so, it is important to break the vicious circle to live harmoniously and happily.

How to Correct Mistakes?

Forgive Your Parents

The past can take away our energy, but it can also give us strength. If, for example, you cannot forgive or feel guilty for hurting someone, problems are likely happening to you now. The people who symbolize the past for us are our parents. If you are dissatisfied with them for anything and cannot forgive them, you are closing off the energetic support of the Universe and ancestors for yourself, which can also affect your children.
For instance, if dissatisfaction with men repeats from generation to generation in your family, then male energy is stopped, and as a result, success in many activities is not possible, women do not develop their personal lives, and there are diseases localized on the right side of the body.
For example, a woman comes for a consultation, everything is fine astrologically and karmic. But at the same time, her personal life has not gone well, men left one by one. Analyzing the past, it turned out that when she was 13 years old, her father wanted to leave the family. Later, the parents reconciled, and the girl forgot about it. But she carried that dissatisfaction throughout her life without realizing it.
If a woman has unresolved issues with her father, it is difficult to have her own harmonious family. If a man has aggression towards his father, it is unlikely he will have a successful career. Additionally, problems with state institutions, which are also connected with the male principle, may manifest.
The first thing to do is to mentally go back to the past and recall the offenses adults who were significant to you caused. You thought your grandfather would leave a lot of money, but he didn't. Or another memory: You are a girl who hasn't seen her dad all day, you missed him, and when he enters the house, he "greets" you with a stern voice, saying, "Leave me alone." Imagine this scene calmly, try not to engage emotionally. Mentally "walk" through your body; there should be no tension. Say: Yes, I have such a father and such a mother, I cannot change that.

Respect Your Parents

Buddha said that even if we serve our parents all our lives, we do not have enough time to repay them. If it seems to you that your parents live wrongly, remember that they gave you life. We got the parents we deserve and those who are most suitable for our karmic tasks.
Once, an elderly person was brought to a hospital, accompanied by four adult sons. When it became clear they had to buy very expensive medicines, they borrowed money and bought them, even though the amount spent was equal to the annual income of all four families. Do you want to have such children? Then you yourself must become such a child. Enjoy the love with joy and make them happy. Someone might say: "We have to take care of mom, buy her a new car; she has been asking for it for a long time." But it is not just about material support. Much more important is the feeling behind it. It is better to accept mom from the heart and say kind words to her than to calm our guilt of not giving her enough time by buying a car.
The most important thing is to learn how to live here and now. The first thing you can do to serve your family is to work on your spiritual growth. Second, help the family get closer to unconditional love. If they have bad habits (for example, alcohol addiction), try to convince them of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but do it gently, without aggression. The main thing we need in working with parents is unconditional love. Give them your respect. Treat their shortcomings with humor. Be tactful. And if the parents are still offended, remember that this is one of the ways of manipulating loved ones, usually due to insecurity and various subconscious programs they themselves carry from their upbringing and lineage.
If parents constantly argue and fight at home, do not delve deeply into these problems; otherwise, you will take energy away from yourself. And importantly, it is not your job. A child should not carry the problems of their parents. Help them in another way, bring food to your parents, invite them for a walk in nature, but try to spend less time at home and not bring your children into such an atmosphere. The most important thing is to start accepting parents as they are. It is important not to disconnect from parents on a heart level. Time and space are limitations that exist only in our minds. There is a subtle connection that is much more important. And it doesn't matter whether a person is alive or dead. You can stay in touch even with the deceased...

Ask Parents for a Blessing

I have noticed many times: a beautiful couple, they love each other. But if one of the parents is against the marriage and does not give their blessing, the future of such a couple is very problematic. Try to get as many blessings from your mother and father as possible. You can even ask your parents to say aloud: "I bless you to be happy."
A husband's mother becomes a second karmic mother for the wife, she must be accepted and understood. If there is tension in your relationship, it means you need to change something in yourself, especially if you live with your mother-in-law. It is very important for the family to have harmonious energy, as the health of the children and the whole family, and success in your endeavors depend on it. If harmony between the wife and mother-in-law is not achieved, the husband must find separate accommodation for the family. After all, he has taken responsibility for his wife. What if your husband's mother refuses to communicate? Try techniques to get rid of resentment. Do not judge her, say: "My mother-in-law doesn't love me, it means I have somehow attracted this situation." Try to earn her love and respect. The most important thing is to maintain harmony within yourself. If we are harmonious, we can always negotiate with people. And if you have tried but failed? Do not judge her or insult her. You did everything you could. Maybe it will come later.

Analyze Your Family History

Analyze the problems that arise in your family. For example, a family story where men rejected all the women in the family. So, a twenty-year-old beautiful daughter broke off her engagement right before the wedding, and the wedding dress was already ready, guests were invited. This means that negative attitudes, resistance to men come from ancestors or the ancestors' karma, and the girl needs to "work through" them for all generations. On one hand, it is very difficult, on the other hand, if she succeeds, then the support from the ancestors, the energy of the ancestors will be colossal. Often it happens: when a woman resolves issues with parents and ancestors, her personal life changes in 2-3 months.

Techniques for Releasing Resentment
Bowing Down…
Place a photograph of your parents in front of you and bow down to the floor. Think of your bow as a gesture to them as representatives of the divine principle. Do this several times a day. In the moment of bowing, when we lower our head below our heart, pride and resentment dissipate. If you bow sincerely, from your heart, without expecting anything in return, incredible things can happen. Suddenly, your mother might call and say, "I'm sorry, I was unfair to you when you were a child." No matter how far away your parents are, they feel everything on the level of energy.
Letter to Your Mother
We often don't remember our bad actions, especially if they occurred in early childhood. But in the subconscious, aggression towards parents remains. When we write with our left hand, the subconscious is activated, engaging the right hemisphere of the brain. Write on a piece of paper: "Dear Mom (use her name), forgive me for everything. Dear Mom, I forgive you for everything." You can also add: "Thank you for everything." If you do this regularly for two months, your resentments and subliminal aggression will disappear.
Removing Guilt
Regardless of your parents, you were not born into your family by chance. We all make mistakes, but if a sense of guilt towards your parents has followed you for many years, you must mentally return to the past. No matter what your parents did in the past, it needs to be accepted. Only then can you improve your ancestral karma.

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