Tesla Healing Metamorphosis– Distance Healing Session

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$50 USD
$50 USD


Tesla Metamorphosis is a holistic healing modality that uses Tesla waves accessed directly from active Etar.
This holistic healing creates a complex metamorphosis of the human body by bringing it to the perfect balance of Light.
Tesla Healing is very effective because change occurs on all levels, physical emotional, mental and spiritual. Tesla metamorphosis attracts great interest among scientists because of the amazing healing results, It's the effect of evolution of human consciousness.
These Waves are non-Hertzian,meaning they do not conform to the conventional electromagnetic spectrum.
Instead,they have specific frequencies and structures,and their intensity increases with distance.

Target audience

Everyone who works on themselves, who tries to improve themselves and their life, their emotional state, their mental state, their health, who works on expanding their consciousness and their spiritual growth and development.


Eliminates negative emotions
Releases feelings of guilt and fear
Improves meditation skills
Increases level of consciousness
Deepens spiritual connection
Sharpens creativity and talents
Repairs your physical body
Helps you recognize your real purpose
And much more


Everyone experiences this treatment differently, and each treatment is unique. Some feel waves throughout their entire body, a sense of levitation, see colors, feel happiness, and joy, while others might not feel anything at all. It's all individual.

Other comments

You will receive an exceptionally strong energy treatment that can enhance your life, free your soul, expand your awareness, change your perception, and heal your body, harmonize your emotions, and align your mental state.

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*Hello!I am a Certified Tesla Metamorphosis Healing Practitioner and a Practitioner of Tesla Soul Communication.This transformative technique has greatly impacted my life,leading me to make it my mission to assist others in changing their lives.Additionally I hold certifications as a Massage Therapist,MFR(Myofascial Release)Therapist,mTP(Myofascial Trigger Point)Therapist and Sertified Access Conscioness Practitioner.

On Core Spirit since October 2023

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