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Healing with Tesla Waves– Distance Healing Session

healing session
English, Serbian
$50 USD
$50 USD

Tesla Metamorphosis is a holistic healing modality that uses Tesla waves accessed directly from active Etar.
This holistic healing creates a complex metamorphosis of the human body by bringing it to the perfect balance of Light.
Tesla Healing is very effective because change occurs on all levels, physical emotional, mental and spiritual. Tesla metamorphosis attracts great interest among scientists because of the amazing healing results, It's the effect of evolution of human consciousness.
These Waves are non-Hertzian,meaning they do not conform to the conventional electromagnetic spectrum.
Instead,they have specific frequencies and structures,and their intensity increases with distance.

Target audience
Everyone who works on themselves, who tries to improve themselves and their life, their emotional state, their mental state, their health, who works on expanding their consciousness and their spiritual growth and development.

Eliminates negative emotions
Releases feelings of guilt and fear
Improves meditation skills
Increases level of consciousness
Deepens spiritual connection
Sharpens creativity and talents
Repairs your physical body
Helps you recognize your real purpose
And much more

Everyone experiences this treatment differently, and each treatment is unique. Some feel waves throughout their entire body, a sense of levitation, see colors, feel happiness, and joy, while others might not feel anything at all. It's all individual.
It is recommended to have three treatments every seven days.

Other comments
You will receive an exceptionally strong energy treatment that can enhance your life, free your soul, expand your awareness, change your perception, and heal your body, harmonize your emotions, and align your mental state.

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Put Surduk, Stari Slankamen, Serbia

*Hello!I am a Certified Tesla Metamorphosis Healing Practitioner and a Practitioner of Tesla Soul Communication.This transformative technique has greatly impacted my life,leading me to make it my mission to assist others in changing their lives.Additionally I hold certifications as a Massage Therapist,MFR(Myofascial Release)Therapist,mTP(Myofascial Trigger Point)Therapist and Sertified Access Conscioness Practitioner.

On Core Spirit since October 2023

Milijana Marinovic
The Importance of Grounding: Practices and Tips for a Balanced Life

Grounding is a holistic practice that involves connecting with the earth to achieve balance and stability in both physical and mental aspects of life. In our fast-paced world, where stress and distractions are abundant, incorporating grounding techniques into our daily routine can significantly enhance our overall well-being. This article explores the importance of grounding and provides practical tips on how to incorporate grounding practices into your life.
Why Grounding Matters:

Physical Benefits: Grounding helps discharge excess energy from the body, particularly in the context of static electricity and electromagnetic radiation. It also serves as a safety measure by providing a pathway for electrical currents to flow safely into the ground, preventing potential electrical shocks

Mental Well-being: In today's hectic lifestyle, many individuals experience feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and disconnection. Grounding techniques play a crucial role in promoting mental clarity, reducing stress, and fostering emotional well-being.

Practical Grounding Techniques:

Earthing: Spend time outdoors barefoot, allowing direct skin contact with the earth. Walking on grass, soil, or sand facilitates the exchange of energy between your body and the earth, promoting a sense of connection.

Mindfulness Meditation: Engage in mindfulness meditation to anchor your attention to the present moment. Focus on your breath, sensations in your body, or the surrounding environment. This practice helps calm the mind and reduce stress.

Visualization: Imagine roots extending from your body into the ground, anchoring you like a sturdy tree. Visualizing this connection enhances the sense of stability and security.

Breathing Exercises: Practice deep breathing exercises to bring awareness to your breath. Inhale slowly, feeling the air fill your lungs, and exhale mindfully. This simple technique helps center your thoughts and promotes relaxation.

Grounding Objects:** Surround yourself with grounding objects, such as stones, crystals, or plants. These elements can serve as tangible reminders of your connection to the earth and bring a sense of calm to your surroundings.

Tips for Incorporating Grounding into Daily Life:

Morning Routine: Start your day with a grounding practice, whether it's a few minutes of meditation, a brief walk on natural surfaces, or simply standing barefoot in your backyard.

Technology Detox: Allocate specific times during the day for a technology detox. Disconnect from electronic devices and spend time outdoors to reestablish a connection with nature.

Regular Breaks: Incorporate short grounding breaks throughout the day. Take a few moments to practice deep breathing, stretch, or step outside for fresh air.

Bedtime Ritual: Wind down before bed with a grounding ritual. This could include a calming meditation, gentle stretching, or reflecting on positive aspects of your day.

Conclusion: Incorporating grounding practices into your daily routine can lead to profound improvements in your physical and mental well-being. By fostering a connection with the earth, you cultivate a sense of balance, reduce stress, and enhance overall life satisfaction. Experiment with various grounding techniques to find what resonates best with you, and make these practices a consistent part of your journey towards a more grounded and harmonious life.

Milijana Marinovic

We all wear masks, it's simply part of human nature. We dress in the costume of the role we think we should play —
a loving partner, an efficient worker, an enthusiastic volunteer — and we venture into the world adorned in what eventually becomes both our armor and an invisible cloak.

Often, the roles we play become more real than our True Self. Work and family are the two main stages where we appear in character, and because they consume so much of our time (sometimes all of it), these roles gradually start to completely identify with our True Self.
When people retire or are let go from work, the surge of depression and anger is astonishing. When children grow up and leave home, parents remain, staring at each other as if strangers. These aren't inevitable outcomes, but they illustrate the danger of letting our roles become us, while our True Self slumbers beneath layers of masks we deemed necessary.

Who am I - a question as old as time itself. Who am I? I think as humans, we crave a sense of control and complete understanding. We seek guarantees, black-and-white descriptions, categories, labels, and consistency. And so, when this question "pops up," we often seek something concrete. That's how we enter roles: I am an accountant in a factory, I have an ex-husband and two kids: I play video games, I'm fun. Things we can jot down in a notebook and keep track of. But life is far more elusive - and broader - than that description. You are not what you've done in the past (because let's face it, everything you've ever done is behind you), just as you are not your potential, those things you haven't done yet. Instead, you are a wonderful, dynamic being that defies logic, divinely given, divinely created, and will return to divinity after experiencing all the incredible things that a human being gets the chance to try. You are a true miracle, a miracle despite logic.

When we hide, we feel safe. It's a natural reaction of a threatened being trying to find a place as far away as possible from what threatens it. When we look at the world — at other people — as a threat, we seek a dark, safe place within ourselves, buried deep where no one can find us. Encouraging our True Self to emerge from the safety of our hiding place can be frightening, especially if it has been snug there for years. Fear of hurt and fear of rejection often motivate the desire to remain concealed. And let's be honest: not every attempt to venture out into the world as your True Self will be successful. Discouraging? Yes, but not a reason not to try.

One of the best ways to peek beneath your masks into the depths of your True Self is to do something that scares you. Something beyond your comfort zone, something, big or small. We thrive in our comfort zones. When you cross the first boundary into discomfort, you start learning about yourself and the world. However, if you delve too deep, you risk danger and the possibility of regressing, making your comfort zone even smaller. Keep learning, but don't force yourself into situations where fear blinds you.

The good thing about the comfort zone is that it expands. Soon, what was once learning becomes comfort, and what was once peril becomes learning. The key is to push yourself to do something that doesn't fit your previous understanding of yourself. You can make a list of things you swear you're not. I'm not a cook. I'm not good with computers: I'm not a communicative person. Then find something that challenges any of those statements and work on it with the idea that you just want to see if it fits. No one will force you to buy a new mask - the goal is to shed the masks you're already wearing.

Milijana Marinovic
Exploring the Benefits of Tesla Metamorphosis Healing


Tesla Metamorphosis Healing is an energy-based therapeutic method that works beyond the traditional Hertzian wave spectrum. It is derived from the concepts of Nikola Tesla, exploring non-Hertzian waves for healing purposes. This alternative approach aims to bring balance and healing to an individual's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

What is Tesla Metamorphosis Healing?

Tesla Metamorphosis Healing is a non-contact energy therapy that taps into the intelligent frequencies of the universe. Unlike conventional methods, it doesn’t rely on standard Hertzian wave therapy. The technique is believed to influence an individual’s DNA/RNA, creating a harmonious balance in the energetic and physical body.

Benefits of Tesla Metamorphosis Healing:

Physical Healing: It is claimed to work on physical ailments, accelerating the body's healing mechanisms.
Emotional and Mental Wellness: Beyond physical health, it aims to address emotional and mental disturbances, fostering a sense of inner peace.
DNA Influence: The treatment influences DNA and RNA to help bring a sense of equilibrium and wellness to the body.
Consciousness Expansion: It is believed to expand an individual's consciousness, resulting in a better connection with oneself and the universe.
Individual Experiences: Each person's experience with Tesla Metamorphosis Healing may differ. Some may feel waves across their bodies, sense a feeling of levitation, see colors, or experience a deep sense of happiness and joy.

Concluding Thoughts:

While Tesla Metamorphosis Healing shows potential in promoting overall well-being, it's essential to approach it with an open mind and understand that experiences may vary from person to person.

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  • It speeds up your personal development. Part of your soulbook is opened with the blueprint. It brings divine order into your life.

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  • The blueprint is divine love energy.


A timeline is like an energy portal. When a timeline of the future is opened then old timelines (like suffering, death, war, and destruction) are closed. A timeline is like an energy portal, an opening of a new consciousness. They are also accelerators and amplifiers for your life. The timelines will stay open in your life as long as they are needed. With the opened timelines of the future you can start living a life filled with joy, laughter, happiness and abundance.

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