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Ancestral Reading
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Ancestral Reading

Ancestral Reading
$20 USD
Spiritual/ Ancestral Reading

Divination - a look into your soul
45mins online consultations for spiritual/ancestral reading. Reading can be about you, a specific person connected to you, events and opportunities. Know your spiritual alignment. Know yourself.

Gogo Ntabeni
Ancestral Reading
$60 USD
therapy session
Twin Flame / Soul Mate In depth

This is 45 mis reading. This reading will look into the connection and the energy base of both individuals, checking the blockages/ challenges with outcomes and timeframes

Sares Selva
Ancestral Reading
$2000 USD
Medium Reading

This is an amazing opportunity to connect to your Higher Self and your loved ones who have passed on. It is my privilege and honor to use my intuition and my connection to Spirit to bring you divine messages that will serve your highest good.

When you invest in a reading, you will send me a photo of you or your loved one and I will meditate with that image. All I ask is for the photo and whether this is a photo of you or of someone who has passed. I don't need any names, dates, locations, etc.. just a photo. True psychics will say "don't tell me anything!" not the opposite.

You are invited to include a question so that I can focus on it while I raise my vibration and gather messages on your behalf.

This is not a "fortune telling" offering but a deep connection to truly divine messages that will resonate with your heart in the present moment.

Katherine Brooke
Ancestral Reading
$60 USD
Messages from the Ancestors

Alive within our hearts, our souls, and our DNA, the blessings and the wisdom of our Ancestor’s can never be lost. By tapping into the love of the Ancestors’ Collective, I channel their timeless messages of healing, purpose, miracles, love, care, and acceptance. They seek to help each of us discover how we can best work with the collective flow of energy within us and around us. The Ancestors teach us how to utilize energy to bring about our own healing, and the manifestation of our dreams and heart’s desires. The Ancestors walk with you, reassuring and encouraging you to follow the path of living the most authentic expression of who you are.

Looking forward to the pleasure of channelling your personal messages from the Ancestors.

All Services and Products provided by Angela Maroosis are for spiritual growth, guidance, and entertainment, and are not intended to replace medical, legal, psychological or any other form of professional services or treatments. No refunds.

Angela Maroosis
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