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Exercise yourself to Feeling Good
Apr 9, 2020

Reading time less than 1 minute

And this is why I say GET UP…GET UP NOW !! and just dance, put on the music and dance, allow yourself to just feel happy, be in the moment.. feel the joy, the excitement rushing through your veins of just feeling happy and free, right now in this very moment, listen to the music and just let your body move.

Never mind what your partner, husband, family are thinking right now, heck they may even join you, call them in, let them join you, and if not, that is also OK, because this is your time, your time to dance, to be free, to just feel joy, freedom and happiness.

Let go of all inhibitions, let go of the worry, the anxiety, and uncertainties that we are faced with everyday during such a trying time, because it will soon pass and we will all go back to our daily living.

Let us not regret, having had the chance to do the little things that we always complained about not having had the time to do, because now is the time !

This is your chance, and I say right now begin with moving your body, tomorrow it will be a little workout, the following day it will be a little longer, you will start to feel different, you will want to do it, you will feel inspired and energized, what a beautiful feeling !

You will wake up excited, it never has to be difficult just fun, do what works for you, never mind what the rest of the world is doing, what matters is, YOU did it, YOU got up, YOU danced, YOU felt, and now YOU want more.

Don’t look back, look forwards, picture your new you, write down the goals that are important to you, your values and stay on that road of hope, love and light.

Stay focused, stay strong, shine bright, and just smile… yes, for no reason, just smile !

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Katya Alves
May 11, 2021

Gosh that makes me so happy Eva!! Good on you for doing that…didn't it just feel so liberating, allow yourself to just be in the present moment, to feel, to disconnect from everything around you… meditation movement is a form of relaxation dancing…

Eva Glain
May 11, 2021

Thank You so much for such motivational thoughts! I actually started to move to the beat of the music on my headphones! Can You tell me, please, which dance classes are more suitable for relaxation, and not for training?

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