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Support Through Doterra Essential Oils

$48 USD
$48 USD

Doterra Essential oils can have a profound effect on our emotions, and since our olfactory system is closely linked to the areas of the brain involved in memory, mood and emotions.

Doterra Essential Oils may have a variety of emotional benefits :
uplifting, calming, renewing, soothing and energizing.

As well as…

*Assist in healing the heart of trapped emotions
*Assist in healing the physical body
*Increase awareness on a spiritual and personal connection level

Join one of our fun and informative workshops and find out more.

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Sunninghill, Sandton, 2157, South Africa

Live your best life, free of all negative emotional belief, inner conflict and self-doubt. Stop telling yourself, that you are not good enough, you are unworthy or worthless… YOU are unique, special and important !

Rise-up, accept and love who you are.

Take back your Power!

On Core Spirit since April 2020

Katya Alves
Breathe Easy!
Every day, the average adult takes between 18,000 and 30,000 breaths, usually without thinking about a single one of them. Yet each breath is important. Studies suggest that calmer, slower, and more confident breathing patterns can have beneficial effec…
Katya Alves
Peppermint Oil.... For that invigorating Feeling
The peppermint plant is a versatile perennial herb that has been cherished since ancient times. The plant’s first recorded appearance dates back to 1000 BC when dried peppermint leaves were found entombed in ancient Egyptian pyramids. Throughout human h…
Katya Alves
Uplift your soul with Wild Orange... Oh La La
Diffusing Wild Orange will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air. Wild Orange enhances any essential oil blend with a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma. Use in an all-purpose spray to cleanse and purify surfaces. Diffuse to uplift …
Katya Alves
Doterra Essential Oil Ideas
Here are some wonderful ideas you could make with your 10 Doterra Essential oils …. And you can get them all in one enrollment kit ! LEMON Add 2 - 3 drops to your water each day ( make sure its a stainless steel container only ) PEPPERMINT 2 drops of pe…
Katya Alves
Need an Emotional boost!
Ylang Ylang… If you need an emotional boost, rub Ylang Ylang on your chest and slowly inhale. Feel yourself getting stronger, let go of the toxic emotions you may be carrying.⠀ Mix with fractionated coconut oil and offer a loved one a soothing massage.…
Katya Alves
Can I take Doterra Essential Oils Internally ?
ZenGest® and dōTERRA On Guard® Oil Protective Blend are now available in 5mL bottles and registered for internal use! ZenGest® can support healthy gastrointestinal function while dōTERRA On Guard® Oil Protective Blend works to fight off incoming health t…
Katya Alves
Body Positivity
Learn to love your body, be confident and be proud, don’t worry about what other people are doing or saying, look at yourself in the mirror and tell your self “ I am beautiful “, ” I am proud”, “I am unique”, “ I Love who I am and I am happy”. Don’t chan…
Katya Alves
Light at the end of the Tunnel
Sometimes it feels dark inside your mind, your heart feels heavy, the weight on your shoulders is too much, you feel there is no hope, no light, you feel like giving up.. Well let me tell you something, that is not a choice, giving up…. is never a choice…
Katya Alves
Show Yourself a Little Love
I realized today that while I was feeling as though I am not doing enough everyday to grow my business and focus on the important things to me that I want to achieve, that I was in actual fact doing just that. By saying it out loud and telling someone my…
Katya Alves
Be The Reason Others Feel Inspired
Ever heard the phrase “ a smile is contagious ” ? Well, it is, next time you find yourself walking through a crowd, just smile as you walk around, and notice how many people will actually smile back at you, and just by doing something so simple, can chan…
Katya Alves
When You Feel Like Giving Up
Don’t despair, Don’t feel bad about having those days where you feel like giving up, it all just feels to overwhelming for you to handle, and you feel running away and giving up on everything is the best and easiest way out right now. Don’t allow those f…
Katya Alves
Take Back Your Power
Don’t allow your negative thoughts to bring you down, those annoying little voices in your head that stop you from trying to do the things you so want to do but hold you back, that create doubt and fear within yourself and hinder your future, your growth,…
Katya Alves
Let me Help you!
Are you looking to change and create a better you when it comes to Health &amp; Wellness, Personal Development or Transformation ? Do you feel powerless, unworthy and despaired, you know you want to change one or some of these aspects in your life, but j…
Katya Alves
My Journey through Life...
Battling with self-confidence growing up, being a little over weight, following all the diets that girls did, trying to be as pretty as all the popular girls, as confident as them, as academic, the struggles of trying to fit in at school, somehow feeling …
Katya Alves
Exercise yourself to Feeling Good
And this is why I say GET UP…GET UP NOW !! and just dance, put on the music and dance, allow yourself to just feel happy, be in the moment.. feel the joy, the excitement rushing through your veins of just feeling happy and free, right now in this very mom…
Katya Alves
Now is the time to mend that broken Friendship ....
Have you ever stopped to think for a minute what it truly means to have that special friend or friends in your life that you can just about share anything with them, you’re not afraid to just be yourself, because they don’t criticize, they take you for wh…
Katya Alves
Live The Life you Born to Live...
Do you ever feel that everyone around you is living the life they were born to live, they are happy and have everything going for them ? Well, you probably right, because they probably are. In order to live that life, you need to stand up to who you are…
Katya Alves
Be Still and enjoy doing Nothing
Why does it feel like there is pressure to always be achieving something, and if we are not, we feel like failures. I think that is unfair, and no one should feel that it is not Ok to just do nothing, with so much social media, video’s and live streaming…

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Michelle Collins3y ago

Hello! Will this oils help me too relieve stress? thank you in advance!

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