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My Journey through Life...

Apr 17, 2020
Katya Alves
Core Spirit member since Apr 7, 2020
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Battling with self-confidence growing up, being a little over weight, following all the diets that girls did, trying to be as pretty as all the popular girls, as confident as them, as academic, the struggles of trying to fit in at school, somehow feeling like the more I tried, the more I just never did.

Having a somewhat challenging upbringing, moving from place to place, I started to find comfort in actually being different, I followed strange trends, and this somehow followed me throughout my years of growing up.

As I grew older into my 20’s, I started to realize that pushing people away and mixing with the wrong crowds or friends was not the solution.

I wanted to love who I was, I wanted to be confident, but somehow just didn’t know how to.

I felt trapped between a world of knowing I wanted more for myself, and beating myself up about it, finding myself conflicted between the things I wanted to do and achieve and believing or thinking I could never make that happen.

I started to realize that life is difficult but it was up to me to change that, learning from a lot of mistakes and life challenging situations, I started to change and make better choices, become more assertive, think less of what people thought about me.

I started to say “ NO “ more often, stopped making other people happy, I started to accept and love who I was, I started reading books that helped me, I found a passion in exercise and it made me feel alive.

I started to educate myself until I eventually qualified as a Personal Fitness trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach and Ride Instructor, I did a short course in nutrition, and have since become a fully pledged Vegan for 8 years now.

I believe that what we put in our bodies defines how we feel throughout the day, our life, and gives us a clear mind and allows us to feel healthy.

Healthy Body, healthy Mind!

I can proudly say that after years of persevering and working on myself continuously, I changed the things that I was conditioned to believe growing up.

I worried less about the things that didn’t really matter, focused on the things that did, my values changed, I had priorities.

I realized that goals are important, they are not achieved over night but are critical to giving your life direction and purpose, they take time and require your personal dedication, and the desire to really want it.

Focusing on the things I have and want, rather than the things I didn’t have and didn’t want, made a world of difference to my Life.

It attracted good things to my life, It empowered me, I am now happy, my life has direction and I am dedicated to helping others like you break free of the things holding you back.

Free up your mind of worry, doubt and negativity, and allow the light of possibility, self-love and gratitude in.

It really is the best gift you can give yourself.

Connect with me for a free 30 minute chat.

Start living your Best Life !

Katya Alves
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