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Live The Life you Born to Live...
May 12, 2020

Do you ever feel that everyone around you is living the life they were born to live, they are happy and have everything going for them ?

Well, you probably right, because they probably are.

In order to live that life, you need to stand up to who you are, stand firm by your beliefs, and take what comes with telling people, and facing the music, as they say.

Don’t feel ashamed and worry about what other people think, because while you are doing that, you are losing time, time you will never get back, time that you could be spending energy living YOUR best life, doing what you want to be doing, and being who you truly are. Living YOUR own life.

The hard truth about living this life is, you cannot please everyone all of the time, and unfortunately sometimes telling people something deep and true about yourself, may not appeal to someone else’s beliefs, principals or faith, and you may lose someone dear to you, or they may not speak to you for a while, and for that very reason, you continue to live someone’s else’s life because that is how they feel it should be.

Living by someone else’s standards means you will always be miserable and unhappy, you will always admire other people that have faced the challenges and have come out with the truth about themselves.

There is no easy way, you either live your true honest life, sit down with the ones you love and explain to them where you are coming from, who you are, what you love, how you feel, and that this is YOU, or continue to live a life you are constantly battling with, which makes you feel you don’t belong, can’t fit in, and rather turn to outside means of distraction, that is just detrimental to your health.

The way in which they take the communication once you take the step, is not in your control, remember that, you cannot always control other people’s thoughts and/or actions. Sometimes people need more time to process information, especially if it is close family, and they have always believed you are someone that is just like them, and when they have to face situations outside of that box, they struggle, they see themselves as failures, that they did something wrong.

The truth is, you are your very own UNIQUE person, with your own personality, desires and needs.

Friends and Family need to respect that, no one is put on this earth to be controlled or owned, and if that is how they feel, then maybe you need to just give them the space and time they need, until they realize that what they are losing is much more than just a matter of opinion.

Some will come back and tell you they are sorry, and that they will love you no matter what, some will respect your choice and some will even respect you more for the honesty, and some, well some…. may never come back.

They will soon realize that underneath the hard truth is a beautiful, loved, special, important and strong individual who deserves all the love in the world no matter what their uniqueness is.

Don’t waste time living someone else’s life. Live Yours. be happy. Be genuine. Be YOU !

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