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Online Combined Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Training Emotional Freedom Technique

$799 USD
$799 USD

EFT Level 1 basic delivered over four Wednesday evenings (6:30pm-9:30pm each day UK time) 4th - 25th May 2022, 1 week break 1st June, - 13 followed by EFT Level 2 practitioner, delivered over six Wednesdays (6:30pm-9:30pm UK time) from 8th June - 13th July.

Course follows EFT International Accredited Syllabus, and provides learners with a knowledge and understanding of:
History of EFT
Health and Safety - due regard for physical and psychological
Confidentiality and Boundaries
EFT Protocols
Establishing and Maintaining Rapport
Relationship with Self
EFT Skills and Practical Applications

Level 2
Review of basic knowledge and skills (EFT Level1)
"Do Not Go Where you Don’t Belong"
More About the Trauma Experience
The Gentle Techniques
The Movie/Tell the Story Technique for Level 2
Rapport Skills
Writing on the Wall Metaphor and Introduction to Limiting Beliefs
Identifying and handling Core Issues and the “Tabletops” Metaphor
Handling Specific Past Events, and the “Table Legs” Metaphor
Reversals (and Secondary Gains): More About When EFT Doesn’t Work
Introduction to Using EFT by Phone or Video Conferencing
"Getting Out of Your Own Way”
Introduction to using Intuition
More on Testing and Testing for Tail-Enders
Integrating Cognitive Shifts (Client Reframes)
Introduction to Reframing (Practitioner Reframes)
Role of “The Positive” in EFT
Introduction to Tapping with Children
Introduction to Surrogate Tapping
Introduction to Tapping with Animals
Introduction to Working with Groups
More on Borrowing Benefits
Additional Tapping Points
Additional Tapping Strategies
The Importance of Practitioner Self-Care and the Personal Peace Procedure
Safety: Professional and Ethical Considerations for Practitioner and Client
Going into Business
Limitations to Level 2 Practice
Plus Module for Running a Thirving Practice and additional Practice Hours.

Course includes demonstrations and practice.

What previous students have said:
"I truly enjoyed all of it but I especially loved the teaching style that Janet used. She made the material so easy to understand and I felt engaged the whole entire time, which is not an easy feat in a remote learning environment." MD - Psychotherapist

“Very interesting course. Very valid in this day and age to be able to understand and use this tool” AL - Company Director

Cost £595 ($799) Limited Offer until 31st March 2022
Trainer is based in the UK.

I am insured to work online worldwide including America and Canada.

Cost includes Course Manual and Attendance Certificate, Assessments of up tpo 6 case studies including Observation.

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Russell Rd, Southport PR9 7RA, UK

Janet Broughton - The Positive Change Coach. Change is part of life, whether they are changes we make or are changes that happen to us, and sometimes we want change to happen but feel too afraid to make those changes.. My 60 Day Positive Change Programme enables you to create and embrace change positively and provides you with the tools to live your best life.

On Core Spirit since October 2020

Janet Broughton
Changing Behaviour for Harmonious Relationships

Is there someone in your life that you have a difficult relationship with? A family member, partner, friend, work colleague or acquaintance? Someone who you rub up against on a regular basis, someone you feel criticises you, or blames you, a person who fr…

Janet Broughton
Listen to Your Body - its your best friend

I describe your body as your Barometer – it is a measure of your mental well-being. When you are in a good place mentally and emotionally you feel light, and balanced and in good health. If you are in a negative place feeling, down, depressed, anxious, st…

Janet Broughton

When we think of Hero’s we tend to think of amazing feats that make the headlines, we think in terms of one off events, moments in time, however there are other types of Heroes.

They are the Heroes who by the way they live their lives, are heroic. They c…

Janet Broughton

Sometimes the simplest thing can be one of the hardest yet also the most effective things to do for yourself and others.

The first piece of homework I give to my Adult Education Students who come on my Tool Box for Managing Anxiety Course is to SMILE at …

Janet Broughton
Visualizing Emotions and their Changes.

As an Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Practitioner and Trainer there are a number of ways I can measure the progress that clients have made, one of which occurs when a client visualizes their negative emotion.

In each of the examples below the cli…

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Hi Anjna
The times are UK.

Let me kn ow if you have any other queries, happy to have a zoom chat to discuss.
Kind regards

Anjna Champaneri3y ago

What time zone are the listed class times?

Emotional Freedom Technique
Janet Broughton
UK Online Introduction to EFT
Emotional Freedom Technique
Janet Broughton
Online Combined Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Training Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique
Janet Broughton
Six Foundations for a Thriving Therapy/Coaching Practice

Hi Jess, I hope you have enjoyed the holiday weekend.
Just wanted to follow up my invitation to a complimentary session to discovery how my programme can help you, as I know I can make a positive difference to your life. Best wishes Janet

Hi Michelle Thank-you for your enquiry. For a demonstration of EFT go to my web site thepositivethinkingcoach.com , and go to What I can do to you and scroll down to the video.
I would like to invite you to a Discovery session so you can ask questions, and discovery how my programme can help you. It would be via Zoom. Are you in US or UK? Best wishes Janet

Michelle Collins3y ago

Hi! So interesting :) I would like to know exactly how this practice goes. Thanks!

Career Coaching
Janet Broughton
May 30, 2024, 08:00
60 Day Positive Change Programme
Career Coaching
Janet Broughton
Toolbox for Managing Anxiety - Online UK
Dru Yoga
Janet Broughton
May 30, 2024, 08:00
DRU Yoga

Hello Jess
The 60 Day Positive Thinking Programme will absolutely reduce and even eliminate anxiety.
I created it to combine the techniques I offer into one powerful programme.
Two core elements are Emotional Freedom Technique and DRU Yoga, it is individualized to meet your needs. I have worked successfully with hundreds of people with this proven system to allow you to live your best life.
I would like to invite you to a Complimentary 30 min. Breakthrough to Positive Thinking Session via Zoom to discover your needs and how I can help you.
My email is : janetbroughton@thepositivethinkingcoach.com
I look forward to meeting you.
Kind regards

Jess Rogers3y ago

I have been dealing with anxiety lately. Do you think this will help?

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