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Party Pilates

$10 USD
$10 USD

Expect easy-to-follow routines that will challenge all the muscles, especially those muscles you don’t realise you have.
I’ll be focusing on building core strength, balance and toning those areas we want to show off: arms, belly and butt!
I’ll always encourage you to work at your own pace & push as hard as is comfortable for you, but I’ll also make sure you’re getting a great workout by making sure you’re putting in the effort.

We’ll be working out along to music, so you won’t need a timer or to count reps – the best way to forget you’re working out!

Get in touch to find out how you can join in :)

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Birmingham, UK

Hello, I’m Lin, I’ve a passion in Pilates and great music. I’ve found it was the right balance for me, between yoga-style moves and the high octane feeling of HIIT class. As a newly qualified instructor, I want to make sure my classes are fun and enjoyable while we work on toning up and getting stronger together. I hope to see you at one of my classes.

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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Phoebe Savir3y ago

I want to give my mother your lesson. She’s 55 years old, it’s not bad for her health, is it?

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