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When we think of Hero’s we tend to think of amazing feats that make the headlines, we think in terms of one off events, moments in time, however there are other types of Heroes.

They are the Heroes who by the way they live their lives, are heroic. They can be the parents who feed their children whilst going hungry themselves. We have all been celebrating our NHS Heroes who have been daily risking their own health and been separated from families during the Coronavirus pandemic. Or the many thousands of Volunteers for the many hundreds of charities.

Then there are Heroes personal to us, who are not aware that they have made such an impression on us that they become the person we wish to emulate. Who was your first Hero? Who was the person that you admired for the way they treated their fellow human beings?

My first Hero was my first teacher – Miss Doreen Sharples at Baguley Hall Primary School in Manchester – and I am naming her because Heroes deserved to named and applauded. Her patience, kindness, fairness, understanding and guiding hand were felt by every pupil she taught, something they – including me – carried throughout their lives. My best Christmas presents came when I was 6 or 7 – a desk and a blackboard, I wanted to be Miss Sharples!

My second Hero was my Secondary School History Teacher – Miss Margaret Hill at Fallowfield C of E High School for Girls in Manchester. She believed in me, she drew out the best in me. I remember the day I told her I wanted to study A level History and then made a loud “ Ahem”. She asked me what the “Ahem” was for and I said because I didn’t think she’d let me. Her answer stays with me to this day “ Are you going to work hard?” “Yes” “Am I going to work hard” “Yes” “Then together we will do it”. And together we did! I have remained in touch with her throughout the years.

I am sure both of these wonderful women would say they were doing their jobs, however they did their jobs with such compassion, devotion and positivity that they far exceeded any job title. The effect they have had on my life has been profound. And I am forever grateful to them.

How have you emulated your Heroes? I have done my best to, ask my students for the answer.

So notice the everyday Heroes and give them the acknowledgement they deserve.

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