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DRU Yoga is a combination of classic yoga postures with the flow of T’ai Chi. DRU in Sanskrit means Still Point, so DRU Yoga is Stillness in Motion. Gentle on the joints and balances Mind, Body and Emotion. Classes available Live Online and YouTube Channel - Janet Teaches DRU Yoga.
A range of Price Packages available.
Prices start at £5 per class or 4 for £18, see web site for details.
$USD price is subject to exchange rates - Teacher is based in the UK
I am insured to work online worldwide including America and Canada.

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Janet Broughton - The Positive Change Coach. Change is part of life, whether they are changes we make or are changes that happen to us, and sometimes we want change to happen but feel too afraid to make those changes.. My 60 Day Positive Change Programme enables you to create and embrace change positively and provides you with the tools to live your best life.

17 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2020

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Janet Broughton
May 9, 2021

Hello Ann Thank-you for your enquiry. All yoga has contraindications, eg. If you have a detached retina you cannot do downward dog, high blood pressure do not stretch fully above the head etc. However I provide you with adjustments. I also ask you to fill in a health form prior to starting classes, so I can advise you. I hope this helps Kind regards Janet

Ann Burak
May 8, 2021

Hello! Does this yoga have any health contraindications?

Janet Broughton
May 8, 2021

Hi Michelle I am sending you the link to my Complimentary E -Book 5 Secrets to Achieving A Positive Mindset, it has just come back from designers so wanted to pass on to you. Do enjoy. Kind regards Janet

Janet Broughton
May 7, 2021

Hello Michelle
I am sorry you are having problems and suffering with stress. I teach DRU Yoga (Hatha is the base of all yoga) DRU is gentle and flowing and does help reduce stress. We are all individuals with individual levels of stress so the length of time it would take to notice a difference is as varied as we are. To maintain balance in mind, body and emotions yoga is a practice for life. You can attend a weekly class either live or via my Youtube channel.
If you would like a more in-depth programme to relieve your stress, I have created The 60 Day Positive Thinking Programme combining a number of techniques, including DRU Yoga, to remove your negative feelings and beliefs and manage life positively. We cannot change events in our life but we can choose how to react to them. I would like to invite you to a Complimentary Positive Thinking Breakthrough Session to discover the 5 things holding you back from living a Positive Life and the one thing you can do to start thinking positively.
Warmly Janet

Michelle Collins
May 7, 2021

Hello! I am currently trying to deal with some problems that cause stress and, as a result, insomnia often attacks me. I’ve already tried Swedish massage and self-massage but nothing worked. Do you think a Hatha Yoga session would help? If so, how many sessions are necessary to start noticing the results? Thanks in advance!

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$10 USD