Six Foundations for a Thriving Therapy/Coaching Practice

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Six Foundations for a Thriving Therapy/Coaching Practice Qualified in the last 2 years? YES Using your gifts to make a real impact on the world? NO You put the time and dedication into qualifying in your chosen field because you wanted to use your gifts to help as many people as possible. BUT * You lack the confidence to put yourself out there as you fear rejection * You feel uncomfortable charging and don’t know how or what to charge. * You don’t feel qualified or experienced enough. * You don‘t know how to get to the people you want to serve. * Being a professional practitioner feels overwhelming * You don’t know where to start setting up a practice. Wouldn’t you like to be able to… * Recognise your own expertise and your own unique offering so you are no longer hiding your light under a bushel. * Value your skills emotionally and financially so that you take care of yourself and are able to earn a living doing what you love. * Enhance your professional skills so that you gain the best results possible for your clients. * Learn how to start engaging with clients so that you can reach the people you want to help. * Think, act and feel in a way that your clients see you as the expert you are, trusting that you are in control * Gain a practical checklist to run a practice so that you can make your thriving practice a reality. I know exactly what you are going through. Early in my practice I struggled to feel confident in my skills, to tell people what I did and charge for it. This cost me time and energy as I was over giving - 3 hrs instead of a pre-booked 1 hr, my self-belief as I felt a failure if I didn’t solve all my client’s problems in one session and income by not charging enough to pay all my costs and pay myself a wage. I don't want you to have to go through the same struggles that I did. I want you to be able to create a work/life balance giving you time and energy thereby serving your client’s in a more fruitful way. And I want you to be able to pay your costs and create the lifestyle you want to enjoy. This is why I have created the Six Foundations for a Thriving Therapy/Coaching Practice course. I have designed it so that you will be able to have the foundations to build a thoughtful and thriving practice. This will enable you to run an Amazing Practice using your gifts to make that real impact on the world that you so desire. This course is for YOU! Offered over 6 hrs, on 2 Saturday afternoons 2.30 – 5.30pm (UK time) 23rd and 30th October 2021, £297 (approx.$404) Plus Complimentary Bonus Package worth £97 (approx.$132) • Email access 9am-7pm Monday to Friday 23rd October – 29th October Worth £22 • Handouts Worth £25 • Attendance Certificate for CPD Worth £5 • Open Q & A Session Wednesday 17th November Worth £45 Janet Boughton The Positive Change Coach Janet has been a Coach offering Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), DRU Yoga and Meditation since 2005. She has been an EFT Trainer since 2008. Janet has a degree in commercial management, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Management and a Masters Degree in Post-16 Education and Training. She has taught Small Business Enterprise in colleges and universities and as a volunteer mentor and trainer for The Prince’s Trust (a UK charity founded by the Prince of Wales). Janet has brought her skills, qualifications and experience to develop this programme at the request of her students and colleagues. Complimentary 1-1, 30 min Elevate My Practice session.available

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Janet Broughton - The Positive Change Coach. Change is part of life, whether they are changes we make or are changes that happen to us, and sometimes we want change to happen but feel too afraid to make those changes.. My 60 Day Positive Change Programme enables you to create and embrace change positively and provides you with the tools to live your best life.
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Benjamin James deVoe
Oct 13, 2021

Really on a moment of us that doesn't have limits on the possibility of us in our temple of the purity and love lust and passion pleasure unlocking orgasmic Nirvana... your art of open unlocking the purity of us are exceptional to make the journey to a moment in our temple of the learning experience and passion for complete barriers and walls gone and falling into the complete melting together for a moment of touching God in just soul heart mind and body place to go home

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