60 Day Positive Change Programme

coaching session
$1349 USD
$1349 USD

The 60 Day Positive Change Programme includes 1-1 Positive Coaching sessions and Yoga Classes - . Plus Meditation videos, Handouts and Email access throughout.
Do you struggle wih Change? Would you rather stay in a house, job, relationship you hate rather than take the chance on making changes ? What if it goes wrong? What if I fail? Do you struggle with change imposed upon you such as lockdown due to the pandemic, frozen in non-action.
Contact me for a Complimentary Breakthrough to Positive Change Session and learn the 3 things holding you back from living your best life.
Price £997, $1349 - approx. relevant excange rate applied on booking.

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Janet Broughton - The Positive Change Coach. Change is part of life, whether they are changes we make or are changes that happen to us, and sometimes we want change to happen but feel too afraid to make those changes.. My 60 Day Positive Change Programme enables you to create and embrace change positively and provides you with the tools to live your best life.

18 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2020


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Janet Broughton2021-09-10 18:21 UTC

Dear Maxin
I have just received this message from you, as a new message, yet the date reads 24th March, nearly 6 months ago! If this is correct I can only apologize and assure you I always reply within 24 hrs, I will contact administration at Core Spirit and ask them to look into it.
If you are still interested in EFT, I would love to have a Zoom chat with you. My next EFT Practitioner Training course starts Sunday 19th September.
I don't usually work over the weekend, but as you have been kept waiting so long then I am happy to arrange an appointment on Sunday afternoon (12th Sept.), I am also available Monday afternoon or evening and Tuesday afternoon and evening ( 13/14th Sept,) Again my sincerest apologies for keeping you waiting so long. Kind regards Janet

Maxin Bolken2021-03-24 07:36 UTC

I have never heard about EFT but it seems really helpful. I have some issues with daily communication and I’m thinking of trying this course. I think it’s definitely something I always wanted!

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