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Anxiety and Depression - Coaching Consultation and Assessment Call

coaching session
$10 USD
$10 USD

Are you looking to begin making a change in your life and become the best version of yourself by breaking free from the emotional barriers that has been blocking you from achieving your dreams, finding your true self and happiness in your life?

Join this consultation Call to gain more clarity, and be part of my coaching program that will enable to discover your authentic self through Self Discovery, Mindset Development, Habbit Mastery and Emotional Wellness.

Amritha Kailas is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach.She specializes in emotional wellness and transformation by following a holistic approach that involves empowering the mind leading to the overall development of a person . Amritha discovered her life’s purpose as Coaching during the year November 2020 . Her journey from emotional pain experienced during her childhood resulted in mental health issues of anxiety and depression in her adult life. However Amritha’s perseverance along with the support from her family and spiritual masters enabled her to come back to life and pursue her passion in Sanskrit and Music through teaching. While teaching children and adults, Amritha noticed her mind expand with compassion which made her deeply reflect on her purpose in life. After many months of deep inquiry and reflection along with the support from her coaches, she embarked on the journey to become a Life Coach.

Amritha helps working women discover their authentic self so that they can lead a mindful life with higher focus,clarity, self esteem, peace and emotional balance.Through her coaching sessions, she guides and enables her clients to break through the mental barriers of negative emotions, self doubt, overthinking and past that has been holding them from leading a peaceful and harmonious family life.

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Calgary, AB, Canada

Amritha Kailas is a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach who specializes in Emotional Wellness and Transformation coaching. She helps women dealing with stress, anxiety and depression to find their purpose, peace, clarity, focus, confidence and restore harmony in family life.

Amritha is also a certified Reiki Master, Sanskrit teacher with her online courses in Udemy that has over 10,000 students.

On Core Spirit since November 2021

Life Coaching
Amritha Kailas
Breaking the ties of Addiction
What makes us different from animals? Human brain is the most evolved among all the other living beings that we see in this world. The most important differentiating factor between humans and animals is the power to discriminate and think. It is this ab…
Mind Control
Amritha Kailas
5 Simple Strategies to Self Love
In life, we run around looking for love,recognition and acceptance everywhere around us.We look for acceptance and validation from everyone around us inorder to progress in our life and consider that if we receive it then we can truly be successful, happy…
Personal Development Coaching
Amritha Kailas
6 Steps to overcome people pleasing
Have you felt ever tired of people pleasing in your life? Pleasing means expressing kindness or favor towards someone beyond a measure in order to live up to their expectations so that they like you. It is a form of external validation that we look upto…
Personal Development Coaching
Amritha Kailas
How to Overcome Procrastination
Do you know that 95% of us procrastinate from carrying out tasks relevant in the present moment? Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily delaying tasks until the last minute or past the deadline. Prolonged procrastination can cause guilt/shame and e…
Emotional Stress Release
Amritha Kailas
How to stop Overthinking?
Has Overthinking prevented you from achieving your goals and finding peace in your life? Overthinking is overburdening ourselves with thoughts that arise from our own imagination that are beyond our control in the present. The accuracy of the prediction…
Life Coaching
Amritha Kailas
How to overcome Boredom?
Do you know most of us pick up bad habits and addictions during our boredom time? A research conducted by University of Britrish columbia states that 8 out of 10 people are bored/worried/stressed/ sad in the world since pandemic time . According to Was…
Life Coaching
Amritha Kailas
5 Easy Steps to Overcome Self Sabotaging
Do you have an inner voice in your head that holds you back and prevents you from achieving your goals? All that we think is not true. Inner critic or the negative voice that chatters to us pulling us back and drowning you sometimes into misery or sorro…
Life Coaching
Amritha Kailas
7 Benefits of Failure
Do you know failure is an essential ingredient for our own personal development? All the great people in the world who have achieved great things in life have failed more times than we can imagine. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before inventing the b…
Personal Development Coaching
Amritha Kailas
5 Steps to transform Negative Emotions
In life, we encounter different types of people and situations. Some people in our life help us learn and grow. Some others drain our energy and suck us into a place of negativity. The negative energy that could be verbal or non-verbal can impact our mind…
Mind Control
Amritha Kailas
Digital Detox
With the rise of Covid around us, we all have been separated from each other, unable to meet physically and connect among ourselves. The uncertainty of Covid has created mixed feelings within our minds that includes fear, sorrow, loneliness and more. We …
Mind Control
Amritha Kailas
3 Daily Practises that can change your life
Early from our childhood days, we have been taught to take care of our health, follow habits that include brushing our teeth, bathing, brush our hair, eat good food,learn to find a job,wear good clothes and follow a routine to lead a good socially accept…
Life Coaching
Amritha Kailas
Recreating a New Life
How can we make our new year a magical and memorable one in our life? New Year brings new hope, new ambitions, new joy and new dreams in all our minds. Time is a precious asset that once lost is gone forever. It brings opportunities to us so that we can…
Relationship Coaching
Amritha Kailas
True Gifts of Life
Merry Christmas and Happy New year Everyone 😊 Did you know money is the greatest cause of stress in the current world? It is Celebration time and we are all geared up to exchange gifts that we have been purchasing and collecting to share with our dear a…
Amritha Kailas
3 Easy Steps to improve communication in relationships
Most of us obey traffic rules when we are on the road to prevent accidents with other vehicles .However, how often do we follow rules of communication to avoid verbal accidents in our workplace or homes? Each of us in this world are unique and have a uni…
Life Coaching
Amritha Kailas
A Letter of Gratitude
Nobody Succeeds here Alone !! It brings me joy and tears as I write about my dearest Mom who brought me into this world. I am what I am because of her. I know the pain she took to bring me up all by herself even in the most challenging situations. I am v…
Mind Control
Amritha Kailas
My Walk of Life
**The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth Often it is the deepest pain that empowers you to grow into your highest self. ** Little did I know when I grew up, that I was …

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