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My Walk of Life
Dec 5, 2021

**The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow
For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth
Often it is the deepest pain that empowers you to grow into your highest self.
Little did I know when I grew up, that I was born for a purpose. This might sound strange but now when I look back at the curved, narrow and long paths that I had to walk, I understand there was a greater purpose-designed for me.

Today I'm going to share with all of you, the journey of an introverted girl who arose from the pain and discovered her purpose in life.

Peace was a rare commodity growing up in a family where domestic violence was a ritual. The only wealthy assets that I had during that time were my values of perseverance, determination, belief in God , support from my teachers and a few close family members. Every time I faced a hard blow, I asked myself “Why me”?
I did not have any choice to run away from the pain but to face it. I considered myself as an unlucky girl for having denied a peaceful family life because society had a different and contrasting view about it.

Little did I know when I grew up that the unhealed pain would manifest as acute cervical spondylosis, anxiety and depression. I sought medical support to fix my physical pain. However, that did not heal my mental pain completely. So, I decided to take a different approach to find the solution by reaching out to spiritual masters, books, podcasts and more. I started incorporating mindfullness into my life through spiritual practices that gradually trained my mind. I also pursued my passions in Music and Sanskrit to help me progress forward in my mind control journey.

Eventually, I started sharing my knowledge with people around me and noticed my mind expand. Love, empathy and compassion started developing within me which made me deeply reflect on my purpose in life. The urge to discover my purpose grew and I went into a deep reflection for more than 3 months in search of the answer. One day, the answer dawned on me through the words of my coach.

I discovered my life’s purpose as Coaching. This embarked on my new journey to become an Emotional Wellness and Transformation coach. A journey that empowers women to rise above stress, anxiety, depression and find clarity, focus, confidence and restore harmonious relationships in their life.

Today I feel very proud and grateful to be able to help women discover their authentic selves and establish a peaceful family. I now look back into my life and bow down before all the loving people and situations that have worked in favour of me to create this beautiful destiny.

Next time, when you face pain don't run away from it as it would have the hidden secrets to your new journey in life.

Pain brings suffering, but if you accept it, it becomes the fuel to discover your purpose in life.

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