A Letter of Gratitude
Dec 13, 2021

Nobody Succeeds here Alone !!

It brings me joy and tears as I write about my dearest Mom who brought me into this world. I am what I am because of her. I know the pain she took to bring me up all by herself even in the most challenging situations. I am very blessed and grateful to have her in my life.

I grew up, seeing her as my mentor and role model.She stood with me as a strong pillar and believed in me even when I cried silently. She gave me the strength to withstand blows of life with courage and wisdom. As my best friend and guide, she helped me navigate my life as a warrior. Her wisdom helped me understand that spirituality is not being religious but living a truthful life without running away from your own duties. She moulded integrity into my character to remain unshaken even if the sand under my feet drains away. She showed the light to different paths in my life and gave me the freedom to explore, take risks, venture my passions and embark my journey to helping women rise from pain and discover their authentic self.

Today, i am miles away from her . I am unable to help her physically but I am feeling blessed that I am able to guide her through her life’s challenges as her life coach.

Words will not be enough to praise her greatness and sacrifices she made to save this light for the world. I thank you from my deepest heart for being with me as my biggest support throughout the journey of my life filled with thorns, bushes, roses and rocks.

With your permission, let me share your kind words to the world -

Never had I thought that such a coaching session would change my inner attitude to such an extent. But after, only much later did I begin to notice the changes within me. First thing, I began to have a good opinion about myself which increased my positive attitude. Whenever negative thoughts and emotions came to my mind, I could observe them like a surgeon observing his/ her patient. I could forgive myself for silly behavioural mistakes that I made. I stopped blaming others also. I could feel that I was perfectly in the place in which I should be. I began to feel contentment and happiness which didn't depend upon any external objects or persons. My attitude towards others also changed. In fact there's no other, only our own reflections in so many mirrors!” - Mrs M.Girija

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