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Private Yoga Session

$55 USD
$55 USD

I'm here to help you cultivate a yoga practice that works for YOU and your life. A regular yoga practice offers so many incredible benefits from increased energy, less bodily pain, lower stress, and better sleep. It's my aim to help you develop a simple and clear routine of yogic practices that fit into your schedule. We'll work with postures, meditation and breathwork. No prior experience is needed, and you don't need to be flexible to enjoy the fruits of yoga!

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455 Letchworth Dr, Akron, OH 44303, USA

Matthew is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor and certified teacher of Mindfulness Meditation. Yoga is his compass for navigating the vicissitudes of life. He has been teaching professionally in studios, gyms, online, and working with private clients since 2015. Matthew's practice is rooted in Hatha yoga, specifically the Kripalu lineage, and cultivates a deep sense of calm and awareness.

On Core Spirit since January 2022

Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
What is your personal power?

This course of yoga classes is designed to develop your sense of personal power through the amazing science of yoga. Yoga gives us time-tested tools to develop self mastery that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

By participating in this course of five 30 min classes, you will:

  1. Gain deeper awareness of body, breath, and mind

  2. Develop tools to manage difficult emotions

  3. Develop the ability to make better decisions

Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Yoga with Matthew - Discovering Your Personal Power session #1 - AWARENESS

Part 1/5 of a new yoga course, designed to empower you with yogic practices.

Area of focus for this practice:

Developing self mastery involves practices that deepen our self awareness. This brings us out of Tamas - darkness and ignorance. Ignorance, or a lack of true seeing, is one of the main causes of suffering.

When we are more self aware and non-judging, we are better able to interrupt the mental feedback loops that cause us to feel trapped stagnant.

This practice will focus on bringing you into deeper self awareness.

Shot in Canyonlands, Utah. Created, filmed, and edited by Matthew DeRubertis

Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Yoga with Matthew - DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL POWER - session #2 - BREATH

Part 2/5 of a new yoga course, designed to empower you with yogic practices.

Area of focus for this practice: BREATH

Our breath is our most immediate and constant gateway into our present moment awareness.

Deepening connection to our breath holds immense value - we can do so much to regulate our nervous system with intentional breathing. In his book “light on yoga” Iyengar says “evenness of breathing leads to healthy nerves, and so to evenness of mind and temper."

Today we will explore different breath practices and observe their powerful effects on our being.

Shot in Arches National Park, Utah.
Created, filmed, and edited by Matthew DeRubertis

Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Yoga with Matthew - DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL POWER - session #3 - BODY

Part 3/5 of a new yoga course, designed to empower you with yogic practices.

Area of focus for this practice: the BODY.

The body is the vehicle through which we experience being. It is constantly giving us valuable feedback and information about our existence. When we deepen our connection to our body and its rhythms, we deepen in self mastery.

Shot in Socorro, New Mexico. Created, filmed, and edited by Matthew DeRubertis

Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Yoga with Matthew - DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL POWER - session #4 - MIND

Part 4/5 of a new yoga course, designed to empower you with yogic practices.

Area of focus for this practice: MIND

One aspect of personal power is the practice of directing of the mind. When it’s time to focus it, we focus. When it is time relax it, we can disengage from its wanderings. When it throws a tantrum, we practice being nonreactive. You are not your thoughts. They are but one aspect of the amazing being that is YOU.

Shot on a lovely beach on the eastern coast of Florida. Created, filmed, and edited by Matthew DeRubertis

Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Yoga with Matthew - DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL POWER - session #5 - Personal Powe

Part 5/5 of a new yoga course, designed to empower you with yogic practices.

Area of focus for this practice: PERSONAL POWER

Personal power is not dominance; it is not something that we wield over others with a sense of superiority, nor is it a tool for selfish manipulation.

It is a grounded confidence that meets life’s unexpected challenges with an accepting readiness. It is faith in one’s self and our ability to persevere amidst adversity. It is an inner knowing that we can adapt and become conscious of self-limiting patterns, and develop new ways of being that allow us to serve and thrive!

Shot in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Created, filmed, and edited by Matthew DeRubertis

Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
What is your personal power?

The times we are living in can easily cause us to feel disempowered.

We seemingly can't trust information sources anymore. Facts have become blurry. Political and social issues are literaly splitting friends and families apart. It can be quite intense just navigating daily life!

In these times, I have been exploring the concept of being in my personal power. So what does that even mean?

To the yogi, this can mean feeling calm, confident, and grounded, and being capable of making sound decisions. It means the ability to manage difficult emotions, and taking good care of yourself, especially when times get challenging. It means having a strong connection to your intuition and inner guidance as you move through life.

To me, my sense of personal power comes from within. There so many external things competing for our attention, trying to tell us how to think, what to do, how to see the world.

Yoga and meditation teach us to go inward, find our center, and navigate our conscious experience with a clear and calm awareness.
This awareness is of tremendous value.

It is like a finely crafted blade, wielded with equanimity, cutting through the thick smoke of confusion we are living in.

Power does not need to mean great monetary wealth, influence over many people, or having great physical resources at your disposal. It can be found in the cultivation of a crystal clear awareness.

I encourage you to adopt a practice that allows you to find your personal power - your sense of navigating this complex world with a calm, clear awareness that is ready to rise up to challenges of life.

Never forget - YOU ARE POWERFUL!

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Apr 16, 2024, 08:00
5-Day Yoga Challenge

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Day 2: Hamstrings stretching
Overview: Work into some traditional poses and loosen up hamstrings to help prevent back pain, knee pain, and foot pain and rediscover freedom in movement.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 3: Core strengthening
Overview: Turn up the heat and build strength in the core which is really the center of all movements. A strong core provides better balance and better posture.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 4: Heart opening
Overview: Stretch and strengthen the spine to help keep the back strong and mobile. These backbending/chest opening poses affect not just the physical structure of the chest where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude).
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 5: Hip opening
Overview: Release tight hips for better posture and to reverse the effects of constant sitting and facilitate the movement of stagnant energy throughout the body.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Sign up and I will send you the details.

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Spiritual Healing
Johann Strerath
Apr 20, 2024, 00:00
Spiritual Life Coaching

There is no coincidence that you have travelled so far in your journey to get to this point in which your soul wishes to get supported to facilitate your spiritual development.

Walking a spiritual path without any dogmatic conditions, yet an unknown ocean of higher and more purified energies, where you want to move forward from the ordinary to the extraordinary, might be overwhelming and confusing.

The good news is that You do not have to walk that path alone! My job as a Spiritual Life Coach is to help you walk the path with ease. I am here to support your personal evolution without any judgment or comparisons, as I understand that you are a unique soul.

If you are looking to reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding of your inner world with regards to your purpose and meaning in life, most definitely you have found the right hands and guide to serve you.

Spirituality is nothing else than gaining the awareness of your inner and outer energies, your relationship with yourself, others, and your external world.

As a coach, I assist you with:

  • Finding, your inner truth, re-inventing yourself and building a higher version of yourself.
  • Helping you to create or re-invent your spiritual experience in your own way, and in your own terms.
  • Supporting you while on your own transformational inner journey.

I help you obtaining results on:

  1. Overcoming mental self-judgements.
  2. Gaining self-respect.
  3. Eliminating negative self-talk.
  4. Healing what needs to be healed.
  5. Manifesting what you want to achieve.
  6. Experiencing higher estates of happiness, joy, and inner peace.
  7. Developing and practicing your own daily healthy rituals/habits.
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Jessica Gladkevitch
Apr 16, 2024, 09:00
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I can absolutely help you get to where you want to be!

Together, we will explore your vision of what better health and wellness look like to you and by capitalizing on your unique strengths, values and experiences we will create attainable goals and implement proven strategies to help you achieve them.

I am looking forward to meeting with you!

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Patricia Vasconcelos
Apr 16, 2024, 14:00
30 Minute Free Info Session - Online via ZOOM

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Book a free info session and I can answer all of the questions.

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Apr 16, 2024, 19:00
Anxiety - At Home Privacy Therapy - Holistic Health Consultations

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Consultations For Anxiety
Educational Anxiety Interventions
Written Educational Guide

The Discussion Of Food Intake
Discussion On Health Issues
One's Stress Levels
Discussions On Family
Discussions On Emtional Environment

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Tarot Reading
Katerina Bendova
Apr 17, 2024, 14:00
Healing Tarot Reading - LIVE

I use tarot reading as an entertaining but very powerful healing tool which helps to reflect what you are currently holding in your field you might not be aware of and to channel messages from your Higher self to help you on your journey.

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Life Coaching
Agata Dominika
Apr 17, 2024, 07:00
Two Hours Counselling Session

Two Hours Online Session

Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems with a counsellor. The counsellor helps you to address your problems in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.

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Coaching Consultation

This service is meant as an opportunity for first time clients who are interested in coaching and want to learn more. Coaching helps get you from where you are to where you want to be. In our session we will create systems to implement changes you wish to make in your life while prioritizing overall health and wellness. We will identify and work through any blocks preventing you from reaching your goals. You will be provided with tools to work through life's ebbs and flows. Find out if coaching is a good fit for you with this introductory session.

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