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What is your personal power?
Feb 1, 2022

Reading time 2 min.

The times we are living in can easily cause us to feel disempowered.

We seemingly can't trust information sources anymore. Facts have become blurry. Political and social issues are literaly splitting friends and families apart. It can be quite intense just navigating daily life!

In these times, I have been exploring the concept of being in my personal power. So what does that even mean?

To the yogi, this can mean feeling calm, confident, and grounded, and being capable of making sound decisions. It means the ability to manage difficult emotions, and taking good care of yourself, especially when times get challenging. It means having a strong connection to your intuition and inner guidance as you move through life.

To me, my sense of personal power comes from within. There so many external things competing for our attention, trying to tell us how to think, what to do, how to see the world.

Yoga and meditation teach us to go inward, find our center, and navigate our conscious experience with a clear and calm awareness.
This awareness is of tremendous value.

It is like a finely crafted blade, wielded with equanimity, cutting through the thick smoke of confusion we are living in.

Power does not need to mean great monetary wealth, influence over many people, or having great physical resources at your disposal. It can be found in the cultivation of a crystal clear awareness.

I encourage you to adopt a practice that allows you to find your personal power - your sense of navigating this complex world with a calm, clear awareness that is ready to rise up to challenges of life.

Never forget - YOU ARE POWERFUL!

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