Yoga with Matthew - DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL POWER - session #5 - Personal Powe

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Part 5/5 of a new yoga course, designed to empower you with yogic practices.

Area of focus for this practice: PERSONAL POWER

Personal power is not dominance; it is not something that we wield over others with a sense of superiority, nor is it a tool for selfish manipulation.

It is a grounded confidence that meets life’s unexpected challenges with an accepting readiness. It is faith in one’s self and our ability to persevere amidst adversity. It is an inner knowing that we can adapt and become conscious of self-limiting patterns, and develop new ways of being that allow us to serve and thrive!

Shot in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Created, filmed, and edited by Matthew DeRubertis

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Matthew is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor and certified teacher of Mindfulness Meditation. Yoga is his compass for navigating the vicissitudes of life. He has been teaching professionally in studios, gyms, online, and working with private clients since 2015. Matthew's practice is rooted in Hatha yoga, specifically the Kripalu lineage, and cultivates a deep sense of calm and awareness.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2022


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