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Meditation Coaching - 6 Sessions

coaching session
$1500 USD
$1500 USD

What is meditation coaching?

Meditation is not "one size fits all." What works for one person may not work for you. As your meditation coach, Susan will help you to identify your desires and goals for your meditation practice. Identify your moments of spontaneous mediation in your life and work with what is working for you. You will receive guidance on styles, techniques, and guided meditations to practice that you look forward to, making you feel nourished and connected. Through meditation coaching, you will save time, energy, and money by avoiding meditation practices that are not for you.

Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, boosts focus and concentration, and improves overall well-being.

Meditation coaching is open to all levels, from a beginner to those with experience. We will bust common myths surrounding meditation, learn simple and easy meditation techniques, and build confidence in your ability to develop your meditation practice.

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Selma, TX 78154, USA

Welcome to Soul Academy, where we mix up the magic of meditation, Reiki, and coaching to help you rock a happy, fulfilling life.

Our mission is to help you unlock the secrets to a content and fulfilling life by harnessing the power of your mind-body connection. Dive into the calming abyss of meditation, embrace the nurturing energy of Reiki, and team up with our coach to rediscover balance, harmony, and your inner zen.

We know that life can be a rollercoaster, so we're here to help ladies aged 24 and above who need a little extra support to tackle stress, anxiety, depression, or ADHD symptoms. Together, we'll take an integrative approach to co-create a plan for success and inner peace.

And last but not least, I'm Susan, your guide on this journey. I've got the professional know-how to support you every step of the way.

Yoga Alliance recognized Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), since 2004
State of Texas, Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC), since 2014
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), since 2016
Reiki Master and Teacher, (Level one since 2005), since 2019
Accredited Empowerment Life Coach (PCELC), since 2020
Animal Reiki Practitioner, since 2022
State of Texas, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S), since 2022
Radiant Sutras Meditation Teacher (RSMT), since 2023
Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP), since 2023

On Core Spirit since October 2021

Guided Meditation
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - Leaves On a Stream
This 15-minute meditation teaches us how to “watch our thoughts.” With consistent practice, this technique allows for difficult thoughts to arise without overreacting or reacting in a problematic way. If you enjoyed this meditation please share this med…
Guided Meditation
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - Fall Colors
In this 15-minute meditation on Fall Colors, aids in our ability to move through changes and life transitions. I encourage you to revisit this meditation anytime you wish to create a transition. The meditation was written by Andrew E. Schwartz. Nature s…
Guided Meditation
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - The Body Scan
During this body scan meditation we spend 15 minutes exploring the breath and body. When we pay attention to the breath and body we create a deeper connection with ourselves. This connection can reduce pain, improve the immune system, and increase compas…
Mindfulness meditation
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - Shopping Mindfully
Does thinking about shopping for the holidays stress you out? Need relief from the anxiety from thinking about holiday shopping? Then this meditation is for you! In this 15-minute Shopping Mindfully meditation, we will explore how to use shopping as a …
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - Loving Kindness Meditation
Join me for a 15-minute Loving Kindness meditation. This is the perfect meditation to practice just before and during the holiday season. Consistently practicing Loving Kindness improves empathy, feelings of social connection, and overall well-being. The…
Guided Meditation
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - Relieving Anxiety
In this meditation we spend 15 minutes using affirmations to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Reducing anxiety allows you to take action with a new mindset, and rise above challenges.
Guided Meditation
Soul Academy, PLLC
Meditation Snacktime - Natural Rhythms
During this meditation we spend 15 minutes exploring our natural rhythms. When we are aware of these rhthms we create a deeper connection with ourselves. Allowing our body, mind and spirit to rest, heal, and take action.

Soul Academy, PLLC
Mindfulness, a technique to improve well-being
What is mindfulness, and how, as a technique, can it improve well-being? Here are a few statistics from the May 28, 2020 article by Forbes online magazine as conducted by Pew research. Forbes reports that 70% of Americans experience economic stress. More…
Cognitive Psychology
Soul Academy, PLLC
Grief and Loss
Did you know… There are over 40 types of losses and include obvious losses such as death, pet loss, divorce, job loss, or a natural disaster. Other less thought about include moving, health-related issues or a disability, starting or ending school, n…
Telemental Health
Soul Academy, PLLC
'Tis the Season
The holiday season is a time filled with hope, faith, joy, and peace. Symbolically, this season represents the Light, a concept belonging to every wisdom tradition. A natural cycle of re-birth, for new beginnings, for presence. When caught up in the musin…
Telemental Health
Soul Academy, PLLC
Understanding Your Stress Response
The holidays are rapidly approaching, and it is important to manage stress for the holidays. Briefly, we will define stress, common signs of stress, triggers, and early warning signs. Why is it important to discuss how to manage holiday stressors? When w…
Telemental Health
Soul Academy, PLLC
Eight ways to take responsibility
8 Ways to Take More Responsibility for Your Life Do you take enough responsibility for your life? Those that do not often have challenging lives. There are so many forces working against you that it is necessary to participate actively in your life. Bla…

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