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Animal Reiki-St. Patricks day promotion

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I'm using this St. Patricks day as an opportunity to give bacl to our furry family members. Give your pet the gift of reiki with this St. Patricks day distant reiki promotion!

Our pets are important and loved members of our family. We want to provide them with the best care we can. Animals are extremely sensitive and in tuned with the e nergy they are surrounded by. Reiki helps animals reconnect with the safe and loving energy of the universe. Reiki is perfect for animals who love to relax, who have experienced harships in the past, or as a restorative treat. Animal Reiki can address any problems an animal may by facing including: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. It is a stress reduction technique that assists with healing. It is non evasive and can never cause harm. It is gentle, yet powerful and works well with other forms of healing, both traditional veterinary medicine and holistic. Reiki can be effectively given at a distance so can given virtually and can be used with feral, aggressive, and wild animals. Reiki goes to the root of the problem even if it is not known or results from something in the animal's past. Reiki stimulates the body's natural ability to heal. Creating a calm energy around animals through the use of reiki is beneficial for all animals types.

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I am a Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and an Attorney. I help my clients reach their goals with self-love. I'll help you shift your mindset and identify blocks that are holding you back. We'll implement systems that work for you and take actionable steps towards your goals. Take control of your life and foster great relationships with yourself and others.

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