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You Don’t Need Anyone to Save You
Oct 22, 2021

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There’s a viral Tik Tok trend going around conveying the idea that no one is coming to save you. That if you want to accomplish something in your life, if you want to get the degree, get in shape, get healthy, play less video games, or save more money; no one is coming to do it for you. This is entirely true. But let’s look at it from an empowered approach instead of a distressed child approach.
You don’t need anyone to come. The reason you’re waiting for, and romanticizing the idea of, someone to come save you is because you don’t think you can do it yourself. You don’t think you are capable of mustering up the strength to accomplish what you want to accomplish. But here is the truth, you are capable. You are in the best position to change your life. In fact, you are the only person who can change your life. Others can try to make you eat the vegetables, go to therapy, tell the truth, put the bottle down, or leave the toxic relationship but not until you actually want to change will you change.
You know better than anyone when something isn’t working for you, what the best method is to achieve your goals, when you need to reach out for help, what does and does not bring you joy. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be honest about what aspects of your behavior are and are not serving you. And then you have to take action to change those things.
Start by making small changes. Implement boundaries for yourself about when you should and should not go on social media. Buy healthy groceries so you have healthier options in your house. Get a workout buddy to help hold you accountable and get moving. Making and keeping these promises to yourself will show you that you are someone you can rely on.
Foster and nurture your relationship with yourself. Develop self-trust. Develop an understanding that you can run your own life. That you can be in charge of yourself. That you don’t need other people to rescue you, that you can save yourself.
This doesn’t mean you’ll never make mistakes. This doesn’t mean you’ll never need help. But this does mean you’ll find your way through. It does mean you are capable of figuring it out. Learn to utilize the tools at your disposal. Reach out to a friend when feeling low. Hire a coach when the systems you currently have in place aren’t working and you want to try new methods or increase your support system. You can create support systems to help you when things get to be too much. You can push yourself when you want to get things done and rest when you need to rest. You have your own back; you know what you need.
If you fall, which you inevitably will, you’re entirely capable of picking yourself up off the ground. Don’t wait around for someone to do it for you. They can’t do it for you. You’re capable of fulfilling your own needs. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you can pick yourself back up. Remember that and know it to be true.

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