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3 things to do when you’re stuck in a bad mood:
Nov 22, 2021

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3 things to do when you’re stuck in a bad mood:

  1. Burn sage. It smells good and the action of smudging it around yourself and your living space makes you feel like you’re doing something. Feeling like you’re doing something makes you feel better. Sage has been used far longer than conventional medicine to dispel negative energy from people and places. Keep a bundle of dried sage on hand for when a bad mood strikes.

  2. Take a walk. I’m all for a bum day or couple of days when you’re feeling bad. But after a few days, bumming it is going to do nothing to increase your mood. Get outside. It’s okay if you don’t want to rush into an intensive exercise routine, but do something to get your body moving and get out of the house.

  3. Reach out. Recognize when you need help. If you’re still feeling stuck in a rut after a few days, phone a friend, family member, coach, or therapist. Talking through issues is extremely helpful. It’s especially nice to speak with a coach or therapist who can offer objective, fresh, and supportive eyes on a situation. If you don’t feel like rehashing whatever is causing your bad mood, try grabbing coffee or a meal with a friend. Being around the right people can give you a more positive perspective on life. Recognizing when you need help is one of the hardest skills to develop but reaching out is one of the strongest things you can do.

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