Your Obstacles
Feb 10, 2022

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One of my favorite quotes, written by Elizabeth Gilbert, is “[T]he women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.”
This quote encompasses some facts of life that I fear many have forgotten or maybe even never believed to be true. Social media helps promote the fallacy that individuals become successful, whatever success means for you, by things effortlessly working out. The highlight reels we consume daily of other people’s lives propagate the idea that others rose to the top due to luck. That the people who seemingly “have it all” have it because things merely worked out. What we fail to discuss is the hard work, the tears, the regressions, the failures, the heartbreaks, doubts, confusion, and “no’s” that came before things “effortlessly worked out.”
While it is true that we’re all born into this world with different privileges, that we all start from different places, and have different advantages and disadvantages along the way, I can confidently tell you that the diamonds of our species did not become shiny from sitting around while others polished them.
The, in my opinion, best people; the ones who are admirable and worth learning from are the ones who have been through the hardest things life could throw at them and made it to the other side. They’re the people who have repeatedly been told no but kept going anyway. They’re the people that started from the bottom and fought their way to the top. They’re the people who lost it all but somehow got it back. They’re the people that jumped when they couldn’t see where they’d land.
Through continually putting themselves through the hard stuff and/or having the hard stuff imposed on them and nevertheless coming out the other side, these warriors became sure of their ability to figure it out.
Like a muscle, the tearing and repairing makes you stronger. You’re better equipped to deal with crisis should it arise. You become more comfortable with discomfort. Your threshold runs deeper. In the bending and breaking you learn things about yourself and the universe that you would never learn if things were constantly comfortable.
Your obstacles build a confidence and assurance in yourself. They are opportunities to learn, grow, and experience more. To get to know yourself and this world more intimately. While in the moment we may wish we did not have to go through the hard stuff, the hard stuff is what makes us strong. It doesn’t mean you won’t falter, but it does mean that when it comes down to it-when it matters, your inner strength will be there. Because after everything you’ve been through you know two things: 1. Only you can decide what breaks you and 2. You may fall, you may stay down for a little and you’ll always get up.
Stop running from your obstacles. Accept them for what they are and become familiar with your inner strength and the fact that no matter what, you can handle it.

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Relationship Coaching
$66 USD
healing session
Abandonment in Relationships

During this session we understand why we choose abandonment as our life experience.

We see what learning it truly has to give us.

Through the session you will understand not only to identify the loop but to break the same

If we have any traumatic memories towards abandonment active in our life how we can use affirmations to reduce the charge to neutral.

Relationship Coaching
$10 USD
Coaching Consultation

We’ll talk about what you need, what services I offer, and decide together how to help reach your goals, whether it’s forgiveness, relationship coaching (whether you’re single or in a relationship), or spirituality.

(It’s marked “personal,” but I can also consult with couples.)

Benton James
Relationship Coaching
$10 USD
coaching session
Relationship Coaching Consultation

This service is meant as an opportunity for first time clients who are interested in relationship coaching and want to learn more. Coaching helps get you develop your relationships from where they are to where you would like them to be.

In our session we will identify boundaries that will help you find and nurture relationships that are right for you. We will work on building clear and effective communication tools that work for your unique relationships. We will build a positive relationship with yourself since this is neccessary for relationships with others to flourish.

Alyssa Kelliher
Relationship Coaching
$360 USD
healing session

This package has been grouped together if you identify with one or more of these patterns in your life.

We all have faced abandonment or rejection at some point of time in our unique ways
It’s not how small or big the abandonment is but to understand why would we still attract these patterns ?

What can lead to being lonely or disconnected ?

Why some relationships we flourish where as some we get ghosted ?

Why communication is so important and yet we cannot at times express authentically?

Over the next 6 weeks you will be given a briefing wherein we understand your expectations on each line item, we set a unique plan accordingly for you which would involve affirmations, minimal lifestyle changes and activities for you to do during the week.

We would meet you for a live on one session for duration of 45 min on topic of the week


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