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Learn and practice meditation through private video conference classes (Zoom) of an hour and a half, with theoretical and practical content. Classes are totally personalized.

During the classes you will learn sitting meditation, walking meditation and essential Mindfulness practices —Zen tradition—.We will also work on the core and spiritual components of meditation as well as on the practical elements: How to sit, how to breath, how often you should practice and what can you feel or experience during your practice.

If you have not practiced meditation before, I recommend a minimum of 5 classes to obtain the necessary knowledge to keep practicing independently.

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Hello! My name is Jordi Ibern, and I am a Reiki and meditation teacher with more than 20 years of experience. I am also a Yoga and Qigong lover and a Mindfulness practitioner.

My teachings are simple: Practice meditation and Reiki regularly to take care of your spirit, be gentle with your body and nourish your mind.

20 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Jordi Ibern Novell
May 19, 2021

Hello Irina,
Thank you for your question. Meditation is really effective with stress. What we will do is to create an easy habbit that will help you to cope with stress. I recommend to take 5 classes.

Jordi Ibern Novell
May 19, 2021

Hello Lina,
Sorry for my late reply.
With these classes we will see in detail what it is mediation, how to sit, how to breathe, what to do… and we will practice sitting meditation and other types of meditation for at least 50% of the time :)
I reccommend to take 5 classes to have a basic practice to continue at home easily.

Jordi Ibern Novell
May 19, 2021

Hello Nasa,
Sorry for my very late reply. I really think meditation is for everyone, and also it is important to know that there are many different ways to meditate; so I am sure there is at least one type of meditation that is for you.
Meditation will help a lot with anxiety, and unless many people believe it is not a long period of time what is necessary to start :)

Irina Lazutina
May 18, 2021

Hello! Can meditation help with stress? How many online sessions do I need to attend in order to see results?

Apr 25, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Mar 24, 2021

I always wanted to try meditation because I heard that it helps with overcoming anxiety. But I’m afraid I’ll give it up after the first try and also it’s hard for me to stay calm and do nothing for a long period of time. What do you think? Should I try it or it’s just not for me?

$70 USD