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Manifest a new Relationship

therapy session
$49 USD

You want to move on, find a new relationship, but it seems you are still stuck in the past. Memories of previous relationships come to mind and you know unless you let go and change your frequency you will attract a similar partner to the last. In order to manifest the partner you desire you may need to upgrade your beliefs about yourself and what you deserve. Get clear on the kind of person you’d like to attract. Release the past from your energy field and prepare the way for a new love.
3 sessions $135

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I want to Empower you to live your dream life. Heal the past, love the present and chose your future. Release old thought patterns, emotions, and beliefs. Learn simple, powerful tools to continue expanding life’s possibilities. Release anxiety, reveal your authentic self and speak your truth. Find a new relationship or job. Discover NO DIET ~ WEIGHT LOSS, evidence based course for lasting results.

On Core Spirit since April 2020

Mindful Eating
$49 USD
therapy session
Say "Yes" to Exercise

How about increasing your motivation for exercise?

If you feel stressed at the thought of exercise, then don’t expect to lose weight by doing it - until you change your programming. All childhood experiences impact our attitudes as adults, and PE lessons…

Ginnah Siani
Emotional Freedom Technique
$49 USD
therapy session
Food Waste and Emotions

Being able to leave food on your plate once you feel full or simply recycle leftovers is one of the keys to weight loss. However are programming around food can make this simple step very difficult.

Do you find it difficult to discard left over or “waste…

Ginnah Siani
Chakra Meditation
$48 USD
therapy session
Speak your Truth - Healing the 6th Chakra - Vishuddha

Find your voice, heal the 6th chakra - throat chakra.
Release childhood traumas of not being heard, being silenced and replace with new understanding and successful communication.

Re-imprint your electromagnetic field with all the confidence and skill yo…

Ginnah Siani
Inner Child Healing
$49 USD
therapy session
Food Craving Cure

Food can be a major comforter and it’s at the center of many happy life events. It’s only natural we would associate certain types of food with feeling happy, loved, excited or cared for. At times of difficulty we reach for these foods to bring us that co…

Ginnah Siani
Emotional Stress Release
$49 USD
therapy session
Freedom from Stress and Anxiety

Tapping is powerful for treating stress as it specifically targets your amygdala and hippocampus- our personal alarms - EFT interrupts the stress response and relaxes the entire energy system. It easily transform…

Ginnah Siani
Inner Child Healing
$49 USD
healing session
Inner Child Healing and Integration

Your Inner child holds the key to releasing your early programing giving you the freedom to integrate learning from early experiences. This is when your core beliefs are formed and your perceptions of self and place in the world are compounded. These fict…

Ginnah Siani
Emotional Freedom Technique
$10 USD
Discovery Session

Discovery Session online or by phone.
An opportunity for us to chat about what you’d like support with. It could be one particular issue that is holding you back, or a more general need for support and change. We can explore the options that will best sui…

Ginnah Siani

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Apr 24, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Alina Lee
Apr 20, 2021

I am not stuck in the previous relationships but I have a fear to start a new one. I want new relationships but do not want to communicate with new people. Will this service help me with that problem?

$49 USD
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