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How about increasing your motivation for exercise?

If you feel stressed at the thought of exercise, then don’t expect to lose weight by doing it - until you change your programming. All childhood experiences impact our attitudes as adults, and PE lessons are no different. Recent research shows that a negative experience in school PE lessons has lifelong impact, those who struggled with games at school much less likely to be active as adults.

If this is you it’s time to put the joy back into movement.

How about increasing your motivation for exercise? Clear the psychological blocks and self-talk that stops you moving. Explore new ways of being active and creating new active habits.

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I want to Empower you to live your dream life. Heal the past, love the present and chose your future. Release old thought patterns, emotions, and beliefs. Learn simple, powerful tools to continue expanding life’s possibilities. Release anxiety, reveal your authentic self and speak your truth. Find a new relationship or job. Discover NO DIET ~ WEIGHT LOSS, evidence based course for lasting results.

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Apr 19, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Irina Lazutina
Apr 14, 2021

Hello everyone! I have a problem that after I see the result after training, I immediately stop the activity. Can you help me deal with this?

Penny Wheyls
Mar 25, 2021

Hello! You are absolutely right about emotional blocks, I feel that they are preventing me from living a more active life. I’m also terribly shy about my body… Can you help to overcome this?

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$49 USD