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Food Waste and Emotions

therapy session
$49 USD
$49 USD

Being able to leave food on your plate once you feel full or simply recycle leftovers is one of the keys to weight loss. However are programming around food can make this simple step very difficult.

Do you find it difficult to discard left over or “waste” food. These responses to left over food and even hoarding of food are ingrained through ancestral patterns and family who may have been exposed to food scarcity during their life time.
Using Emotional Freedom Techniques we can address the issues of food wastage and put you back in control of your portion sizes and eliminate the need to eat everything on your plate.

3 sessions £135

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Fallowfield, Cambridge CB4 1PD, UK

I want to Empower you to live your dream life. Heal the past, love the present and chose your future. Release old thought patterns, emotions, and beliefs. Learn simple, powerful tools to continue expanding life’s possibilities. Release anxiety, reveal your authentic self and speak your truth. Find a new relationship or job. Discover NO DIET ~ WEIGHT LOSS, evidence based course for lasting results.

On Core Spirit since April 2020

Mindful Eating
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Say "Yes" to Exercise

How about increasing your motivation for exercise?

If you feel stressed at the thought of exercise, then don’t expect to lose weight by doing it - until you change your programming. All childhood experiences impact our attitudes as adults, and PE lessons are no different. Recent research shows that a negative experience in school PE lessons has lifelong impact, those who struggled with games at school much less likely to be active as adults.

If this is you it’s time to put the joy back into movement.

How about increasing your motivation for exercise? Clear the psychological blocks and self-talk that stops you moving. Explore new ways of being active and creating new active habits.

3 sessions $135

Emotional Freedom Technique
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Food Waste and Emotions

Being able to leave food on your plate once you feel full or simply recycle leftovers is one of the keys to weight loss. However are programming around food can make this simple step very difficult.

Do you find it difficult to discard left over or “waste” food. These responses to left over food and even hoarding of food are ingrained through ancestral patterns and family who may have been exposed to food scarcity during their life time.
Using Emotional Freedom Techniques we can address the issues of food wastage and put you back in control of your portion sizes and eliminate the need to eat everything on your plate.

3 sessions £135

Emotional Freedom Technique
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Manifest a new Relationship

You want to move on, find a new relationship, but it seems you are still stuck in the past. Memories of previous relationships come to mind and you know unless you let go and change your frequency you will attract a similar partner to the last. In order to manifest the partner you desire you may need to upgrade your beliefs about yourself and what you deserve. Get clear on the kind of person you’d like to attract. Release the past from your energy field and prepare the way for a new love.
3 sessions $135

Chakra Meditation
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Speak your Truth - Healing the 6th Chakra - Vishuddha

Find your voice, heal the 6th chakra - throat chakra.
Release childhood traumas of not being heard, being silenced and replace with new understanding and successful communication.

Re-imprint your electromagnetic field with all the confidence and skill you desire for expressing your authentic voice in today’s media driven world. Reveal the effective communicator you have always been.
Using Matrix re-imprinting, mantras and journeying through the chakras to clear he channels allowing the heart and mind to manifest clarity of thought and word.
3 session $135

Inner Child Healing
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Food Craving Cure

Food can be a major comforter and it’s at the center of many happy life events. It’s only natural we would associate certain types of food with feeling happy, loved, excited or cared for. At times of difficulty we reach for these foods to bring us that comfort.

No wonder we develop cravings. Mine’s cake and the FOOD STORY is my father has always baked wonderful cakes it’s the taste of home, belonging, laughter, fun times and celebrations.

Recognising the emotions that cause us to reach for our trigger foods is a vital part of transforming them. Learn how to use EFT tapping to neutralise food cravings for sugar, salt or any foods such as chocolate, crisps, fast food etc

3 sessions $135

Emotional Stress Release
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Freedom from Stress and Anxiety

Tapping is powerful for treating stress as it specifically targets your amygdala and hippocampus- our personal alarms - EFT interrupts the stress response and relaxes the entire energy system. It easily transforms old, outdated beliefs and responses. This deactivates the triggers that cause the stress response and puts your system back into neutral. EFT can reduce the stress hormone cortisol by 63% & increases positive emotions, such as hope and enjoyment.
3 session $135

Inner Child Healing
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Inner Child Healing and Integration

Your Inner child holds the key to releasing your early programing giving you the freedom to integrate learning from early experiences. This is when your core beliefs are formed and your perceptions of self and place in the world are compounded. These fictional elements then limit the possibilities of your life. Once released you can come into the full expression of who you are here to be and fulfill your Dharma or Life Purpose.

We will use an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques including Matrix Re-imprinting. These gentle techniques are used to give your younger self the resources they didn’t have access to at the time. This is a world as magical as your imagination. We may also use chakra healing and colour to balance and heal through the electromagnetic field .

Your Inner Child is the central character and they decide what they need and what takes place. There is no need to re-live the event reinforcing the neural pathways of the trauma, instead we will create pathways in the mind using the new information and understanding that occurs during the session with your Inner Child.

Upgrade your beliefs to meet the energy of the Age of Aquarius

Emotional Freedom Technique
Ginnah Siani
Apr 18, 2024, 11:00
Discovery Session

Discovery Session online or by phone.
An opportunity for us to chat about what you’d like support with. It could be one particular issue that is holding you back, or a more general need for support and change. We can explore the options that will best suit you and schedule your first appointment.

Your Personal Session
This is designed depending on your needs and preferences. A few sessions can make a huge difference in improving your overall well-being.

No need to re-live a traumatic event to process it and move forward
The techniques we’ll use are very gentle yet they can shift deep-seated emotions that you’ve experienced for many years ~ even decades. We can make changes to your view of yourself in the world, what you believe is possible for you, allowing a new joyful experience to unfold

Ginnah Siani
How does mind influence weight loss?

Finish this sentence: “I can’t ……………..because of my weight.”

Was there ever a better excuse for putting your life on hold? Forget pursuing your dreams, finding a new partner, or changing your job, it feels easier to ‘stuff’ your feelings down, ignore what’s eating you and put up with what is.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for years then life can become a series of forgotten promises and broken dreams. But believe me it is NOT your fault.

We’ve been taught that it’s simply a matter of balancing calories in and calories out. We are told If we increase our exercise and activity levels the pounds will fall away. If we fail to see the results we want, we lose heart and society tells us we are not trying hard enough.


Weight Loss is not just the food you eat…FOOD & EXERCISE IS ONLY HALF THE STORY!

Your Food Story is the key to the programming that drives your eating. By becoming aware of what’s going on internally, you will understand how and why your history is such a powerful player in your attitudes, habits, reactions, cravings and beliefs about food.

Explore your own Food Story. Your unique relationship with food impacts your metabolism and digestion here are some of the factors involved :

* Your culture and society - Dietary habits and choices develop early, an infant’s eating habits are shaped by their parents in accordance with the views of their society and culture. Eating food made in the home or ready-made convenience and the impact of friends and family can exert an influence over your eating habits. In social situations we can feel pressured to eat the ‘traditional food’ even if it doesn’t agree with our body type or ethics. Taking back your power of choice to simply say “No” can be liberating.

\* _Personal and family history_- Programming from childhood runs deep. I often work with clients who as children always had to finish all the food on my plate. Food was never thrown away and decades later they are still doing the exact same behavior. Consequently they continue eating long after they are full. Happily they are now able to speak up and make choices about their preferences and portions.

\* Thoughts and feelings - Our food choices affect our energy levels and also our mood and concentration. We often self medicate with food as when we eat powerful chemicals are released into the brain. We soothe our emotions and lull ourselves into sleep with carbs or ramp up our energy levels using caffeine. We reward ourselves with chocolate at the end of a hard day.

\* _Emotional Eating_ - Cravings are the body’s way of telling us about our emotional needs. We can turn to foods that made us happy in the past hoping to experience that high again. I work with my clients to unravel the reasons behind their particular cravings both in the past and present. Every one has their story, a client who loved pizza and ate far too much of it told me how after his parents separated his Dad often took him out for a pizza. It was a special time he looked forward to, when he felt loved and cared for. Integrating this experience brings healing and he can access these emotions at anytime. Explore with self-acceptance and kindness to unravel hidden messages of your eating and gain insight into the emotions and situations in your life that may be driving them. When I work with clients on their food cravings one of the first things they notice is the food tasting and smelling different. Once the emotions are gone it’s as if you are tasting it for the first time.

*Positive and negative beliefs about what you are eating - “ I’m going to pile on the calories after eating this.”

Together we will unravel your personal FOOD STORY and find the source of the attitudes, habits, rituals and beliefs you still hold today. We will find clues about source of your self-limiting beliefs and become aware of self-talk linked to feelings in the body and emotional discomfort. Is it a minor disruption or a debilitating pattern you’ve been trying to ignore for some time?

Instead of feeding your feelings, learn how to respond in ways that express self-love and care.

What are you really craving, what are you hungry for in your life?

Reach out for support to make the changes you crave. As your attitude and behaviour shift, your food cravings will deminish and your diet will become healthier. The natural side effect of all this inner transformation is weight loss. Work from the inside out to achieve lasting change and invite the happiness .

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Irene Hudson3y

I constantly cook too much, afraid that someone will not eat enough. Your sessions will help me learn how to calculate the amount of food correctly, so that I don’t feel guilty later? Thank you in advance for your answer!

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🌙. I want to help hold a safe space for you to go deep into your truth and your shadow to uncover what it is. This emotional clearing session is like shining a flashlight on your stuck emotions causing negative patterns, self sabotage, or fear of success. As we shine a light we create movement so we can let go of what we don’t want.

🌙. If we don’t process our old emotional wounds, when life throws curves at us, it is like having a wound on our body and throwing salt in it. It stings. Instead of ignoring that comment someone made, it brings us back to the time of the wound in the past even if we don’t realize it. Subconscious emotions are stored in our body and brain where they can bubble to the surface.

🌙. We will identify exactly what stuck emotions are getting in the way of you feeling calm and relaxed using the Emotion Code framework and clear those. We will also do a short guided exercise/meditation where I will send reiki to both your nervous system and any past events that need healing as well.

🌙. You are precious; treat yourself accordingly. You are worth taking the time to treat yourself to self-care. What can you take off your plate to make room for taking care of yourself and remembering your magic?

🌙. Our bodies are 55% water and we need plenty of pure, filtered water every day so please hydrate well before and during your session.

🌙. I will share what came up, what shifted, and how to do easy self care to keep your energy and emotions flowing and clear.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Love, Sara

All healing sessions are non refundable.
If you need to change the time of the healing please try to do so at least 24 hours prior.

Legal Disclaimer:

This session does not replace medical care for a medical condition. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical issue. Please see a licensed medical professional or doctor for health concerns.

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Chakra Balancing
Joanna Rose Tierney
Apr 18, 2024, 08:00
Chakra Clearing & Healing

15 Chakras Clearing and Healing is done on-line

I will work with you either on a video call

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Life Coaching
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Apr 18, 2024, 08:00
15 minute 1:1 Calm Life Coaching or Holistic Leadership Mentoring Session


Relax, release and rebalance as you get heard and start to create your own clear, calm, connected confidence and communication with yourself and others. Through a bespoke combination of life and leadership coaching, intuitive mentoring, hypnosis, Reiki and Timeline Therapy® you can release any old emotional blocks and barriers empowering and motivating you to set your goals and start achieving and enjoying them.

Target audience

If you're feeling lost, stressed or frustrated this is for you. Especially popular with midlife mums (with children of any species) and also retirees as they start to look at the next stage of their life.


Clarity, calm and deep relaxation along with increased confidence and connection with yourself and everyone else around you (of any species).


You get to be heard and release any old stresses as you allow your emotions to start flowing so that you can process and release them. Each session is unique to you and your requirements to give you the most enjoyable and successful session and service possible.

Other comments

When you're ready to get supported I'm here to help guide you to calm with the very best of my ability.

With so much love, light and gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always, Liz

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Erickson Hypnosis
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
Apr 19, 2024, 06:15
Self Image Transformation Through Visualisation

This Session Will Take 40 Mins To 1 Hour. Depends from student to student.

A self image is not something that you see in the mirror but what you start telling yourself once you see yourself in the mirror. Most of the clients that i worked with did not even know they had a chance to move past their past in just single session.

This is the simplest way to a good life! your mind is like an electronic switching station. converting the potential energy into kinetic energy. Look at your current results you will know wherever you are stuck.

Ask for Help. Invest in your well being.

Includes A Practice Session Free Demo Of 20 Minutes To Know if we can Work with each other.

By registered users: 19
Kayla Stan
Apr 20, 2024, 15:00
Numerology Profile: The Five Major Numbers

Have you ever noticed the patterns around you and wanted to understand the desires, strengths, and path your soul came into this life?

You are not alone and I can help you learn about your unique soul blueprint. Numerology is the study of your translating your name and birthday into numbers which can tell you information about your desires, strengths, personality, life path and more. Throughout this consultation I will calculate your number profile and work with you to understand current blocks and opportunities you can pursue that will align with your soul.

In this profile you will get the three major personality profile numbers, your life path, the energy for this year, and a couple extra numbers that you should definitely know as you go through life.

By registered users: 77
Life Coaching
Alyssa Kelliher
Apr 18, 2024, 04:00
Coaching Consultation

This service is meant as an opportunity for first time clients who are interested in coaching and want to learn more. Coaching helps get you from where you are to where you want to be. In our session we will create systems to implement changes you wish to make in your life while prioritizing overall health and wellness. We will identify and work through any blocks preventing you from reaching your goals. You will be provided with tools to work through life's ebbs and flows. Find out if coaching is a good fit for you with this introductory session.

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Spiritual Healing
Johann Strerath
Apr 20, 2024, 00:00
Spiritual Life Coaching

There is no coincidence that you have travelled so far in your journey to get to this point in which your soul wishes to get supported to facilitate your spiritual development.

Walking a spiritual path without any dogmatic conditions, yet an unknown ocean of higher and more purified energies, where you want to move forward from the ordinary to the extraordinary, might be overwhelming and confusing.

The good news is that You do not have to walk that path alone! My job as a Spiritual Life Coach is to help you walk the path with ease. I am here to support your personal evolution without any judgment or comparisons, as I understand that you are a unique soul.

If you are looking to reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding of your inner world with regards to your purpose and meaning in life, most definitely you have found the right hands and guide to serve you.

Spirituality is nothing else than gaining the awareness of your inner and outer energies, your relationship with yourself, others, and your external world.

As a coach, I assist you with:

  • Finding, your inner truth, re-inventing yourself and building a higher version of yourself.
  • Helping you to create or re-invent your spiritual experience in your own way, and in your own terms.
  • Supporting you while on your own transformational inner journey.

I help you obtaining results on:

  1. Overcoming mental self-judgements.
  2. Gaining self-respect.
  3. Eliminating negative self-talk.
  4. Healing what needs to be healed.
  5. Manifesting what you want to achieve.
  6. Experiencing higher estates of happiness, joy, and inner peace.
  7. Developing and practicing your own daily healthy rituals/habits.
By registered users: 69