Emotional release session

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$650 USD
$650 USD

This is for you if you’ve got a single issue that comes around to bite you every time.

Maybe you constantly worry about what people think about you or you never feel good enough because you weren’t given any praise as a child or you felt like a burden to your parents.

You get tongue-tied in meetings or go bright red when someone doesn’t understand you. You find yourself in the same destructive relationship patterns.

No matter what you do, it always stops you from moving forward and you find yourself thinking “here we go again”. You’ve felt stuck for years. You’re embarrassed because someone at your level shouldn’t feel like this. You have to work hard to cover it up and it’s exhausting. You’ve been known to cry in the toilets because you’re so frustrated.

It might be that thing that gives you stomach lurching anxiety or grips you with fear every time you have to do it. You’re not alone and it’s not just you.

There is nothing wrong with you and you didn’t create this problem for yourself. Let me take away the burden of being stuck in an emotional cycle so that you can move beyond the limitations it has created.

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I help senior leaders to eliminate stress by mastering their energy and emotions to achieve happiness, balance and potential. I use ancient wisdom and powerful transformation with an emotional and practical toolkit.

I also support people who have become disconnected from themselves and are looing to explore their true purpose and potential through awakening their dormant spirituality.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Emma Stone2021-05-17 12:03 UTC

Thank you for your reply!

Louise Hallam2021-04-28 14:06 UTC

Hi Emma, this is to release an emotional pattern that has created limitations for you. I have updated the description accordingly.

Emma Stone2021-04-27 21:26 UTC

Hello! Is it possible to learn to express my emotions properly and control them in 60 minutes?

Louise Hallam2021-04-26 10:09 UTC

Hi Lina, if we can identify a single issue that is creating an emotional pattern then the impact will be permanent. If you are needing a change in the way you manage emotions that takes more time.

Lina2021-04-25 18:53 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Louise Hallam2021-04-03 08:21 UTC

Hi Phoebe, the session that offer here is for a one off session about an emotional issue that you are aware of affecting you. The habit of suppressing your emotions takes a longer time and more in depth work.

Phoebe Savir2021-04-02 19:20 UTC

As a teenager, I had to suppress my emotions many times, and now I can not get rid of this bad habit. Can you help me?

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